NTH RD – Panic (EP Review)

NTH RD – Panic EP
Released: July 22, 2022


Jordan Kellaway // Vocals
Lucas Banim // Bass
Billy Balassis // Guitar
John Mihaloudakis // Drums



NTH RD are the newest kids on the Melbourne metalcore scene and on Friday they’re releasing their debut EP Panic. It’s a five track in-your-face rollercoaster of raw emotion that will get deep into your soul with both its music and lyrics. Panic has been produced by Better Half and Belle Haven’s Christopher Vernon, and in the band’s own words, they’re ready to prove themselves.

‘Lead To Ruin’ is the lead track on the record and right from the start, I was getting a very heavy The Word Alive vibe, especially with Jordan Kellaway’s haunting but beautiful vocals. Musically this track is really strong and each member gets a chance to show off their skills. From John Mihaloudakis’s double kick, to Lucas Banim’s bass line and Billy Balassis’s chugging guitar. There’s also an epic guitar solo from Balassis in the second half of the track that left me thoroughly impressed. A great opening and introductory track for the EP.

Next up is ‘Worm’ and right from the start you’re hit with super heavy guitar, that’s joined by an epic scream before the drums come in and really open up the track. There’s an elite list of vocalists who can seamlessly slip between clean and screamed vocals, and Kellaway definitely achieves this and it really shows on ‘Worm’. The pounding bass on this track really shines through in the latter half with Lucas Banim showing off his impressive skills. I’d advise stretching before you listen to this one or you’re going to end up with a sore neck from all the windmilling!

‘Wearing Thin’ is track three and was the lead single for Panic. Personally I feel that the track is an aural representation of someone who’s been through a lot in life and has really just had enough, but is really struggling. ‘My room is filled with liars who don’t know I need help’ and ‘Sometimes just breathing is harder than believing’ are two lyrics in particular that really resonated. The breakdown towards the end of the track is also a highlight of this one, and I could listen to just that part on repeat and not get bored.

Second to last is ‘Threat’ and you’re tricked into thinking it’s going to be somber based on its opening, then the track really opens up after the intro. Musically it might not be as heavy as the previous tracks, but the way Kellaway growls his way through the track you still get that heavy vibe. The way everything becomes distorted at the end of the track stands out as well.

‘Panic’ is the final and title track on the EP and breaks from traditional openings of songs by starting with the bass. It has a dark and ominous feel to it both musically, and from the way Kellaway almost speaks his vocals. It combines a lot of the elements of the EP with both clean and screamed vocals, slow and fast guitar, and double kick to stomping drums. Overall a very neat ending to EP and my only real complaint on this track is that it means the EP is over, but the beauty of modern technology means I can listen to it again if I choose to!

Panic is a brilliant first outing that really gives the Melbourne quartet a chance to spread their wings and show not just their fans, but the whole metalcore scene, what they’re made of. It’s five very different and diverse tracks that really show their range as a band, and I can only imagine it’s upward that NTH RD is going to go.

NTH RD – Panic EP tracklisting

1. Lead To Ruin
2. Worm
3. Wearing Thin
4. Threat
5. Panic

Rating: 9/10
Panic is out July 22. Pre-order/save it here!
Review by Kelsey Trevan @Kelsey_139