7 Quintessential Death Metal Albums According to Remains’ Tone Bone

If you like your metal heavy and Australian, you need to check out the brand new release for Melbourne lads Remains – titled Grind Til Death which our reviewer stated:

“If you’re looking for a fancy meal to satisfy your metal hunger, this won’t be it. But if you’re down for some grease without the fat then Remains are not only going to hit the spot, they’re going to make you come back for more.”

In celebration of the band’s new release, we grabbed vocalist Tone Bone to take us back through the best quintessential heavy/death metal releases he came across throughout his life so you can either revisit the glory days OR start your own journey back through time checking out the albums that inspired remains (and countless others) to create mindblowing metal that’ll without a doubt scare your neighbours…

7 – Obituary – Slowly We Rot

What can I say but John Tardy…one of the best. He is pretty much just puking into your speakers. Trevor Peres looks like the living dead and his guitar sound is unbelievable, especially if you have had the privilege to see them live, fucking monster sound. With a debut album like this, you know things would only get better with their sophomore album. Brilliant!

6 – Massacre – From Beyond

An absolute classic album in the death metal scene. Every song is fierce Kam Lee’s vocals are ridiculous, Bill Andrew’s drums are tight as, and the guitar sound is spot on. An absolutely huge sounding album, the lineup is classic. Stand out artwork too. Me likey!

5 – Napalm Death – Harmony Corruption

My gateway to grind in a way, Mick Harris’s blast beats were mental in those days. This album is a death metal album unlike its predecessors with ‘Suffer the Children’ as their stand-out song. The album is heavy as fuck, fast as shit and Barney’s vocals are something else, one of my main influences for me to become a vocalist. Sick album, I always go back to it now and then.

4 – Deicide – Deicide

Another dose of satanic death metal. An album that lured me in with evil song titles, killer cover art and fierce-looking blokes who looked like they shampooed their hair daily and with a guy who wears the scar of an inverted cross on his forehead…Gold! Songs like ‘Sacrificial Suicide’ and ‘Carnage in the Temple of the Damned’ were something I was right into back in the day. Their best album in my opinion. This kills!

3 – Morbid Angel – Altars Of Madness

This has to be in everyone’s collection if you love death metal. From the time I saw their video ‘Immortal Rites’ I was instantly a fan. Devil worshipping dudes from Florida with a stellar lineup, these musicians knew how to write a song. The whole album blows my head right off plus the artwork is killer. With tracks like ‘Maze of Torment’ and ‘Visions from the Dark Side’ you cannot go wrong. Rip into it!

2 – Pungent Stench – For God Your Soul…For Me Your Flesh

Now this band from Austria really blew my mind, one of the first death metal CDs I purchased. The sound on this is just so heavy, dirty and filthy the vocals just spewed out of the speakers. ‘Bonesawer’ is just one of the tracks I heard through my local radio station and it was something that l had to have in my collection. Brutal grooves thundering bass lines and lyrics that were totally sick. I loved it!

1 – Darkthrone – Soulside Journey

So many brutal albums, but I can only blab on about 7 that I really enjoyed listening to throughout the 90’s and many more. This one in particular from the pioneers of Norwegian Black Betal – Darkthrone. This album was one that really stood out for me as a young headbanger as I entered the realm of 90’s death metal and death metal this album was with a Swedish vibe. Every song on the album stands out in itself with killer riffs and savvy beats from a young Fenriz. A song that stands out for me is ‘Grave with a View’ – which definitely throws you into the scene of their amazing cover art. For young chaps, this was a killer debut. Go have a listen…

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