Yours Truly – is this what i look like? (EP Review)

yours truly Is This What I Look Like? review

Yours Truly – is this what i look like?
Release: July 15th, 2022


Mikaila Delgado // Vocals
Teddie Winder-Haron // Guitar
Lachlan Cronin // Guitar
Bradley Cronan // Drums



Yours Truly are a band that quite honestly I haven’t listened to all that much, but I have always known that they produce and release absolutely killer music, so upon getting the chance to review their music, I was more than happy to see for myself why everyone has so quickly and so easily fallen in love with these home-grown talents.

I feel as though right now, there is a lack of female fronted pop-punk bands these days, and I may be wrong, I’m sure they’re out there, but I definitely feel as though they are not as prevalent in the scene as they used to be, which is one thing to me that makes Yours Truly almost nostalgic while still being fresh and somewhat new.

I found the opening track, ‘Walk Over My Grave‘ to be somewhat reminiscent of the early era of Tonight Alive, and that’s not me wanting to compare women against each other, but between the vocals and the grungy sounds that the guitars are carrying, it really does feel as though there is a similarity there. I feel like this song is a good opening track as it really feels like you get a sense of who the band are, and a sense of their versatility. It has a little bit of that almost angry undertone to it, while still being soft and melodic.

Next up we have ‘Bruises’ ft. Drew York (of Stray from the Path) and I have to say while this one is catchy, it wasn’t my favourite. I enjoyed listening to it and having a little jam session when it came on, but it just wasn’t a song that particularly hit the spot for me, unlike ‘Careless Kind’, which is the absolutely stellar song that follows. It is just beautiful with immaculate vocals, a catchy guitar riff the entire way through, perfect highs and lows that really just made me want to listen to it on repeat. The drums have a complete catchy beat of their own and I personally think this is such a well-put-together song. I feel as though this is where you notice different influences from other genres starting to seep in and more of the versatility of the band really shines through.

Now for the next track, I’m going to be combining two into one — ‘is this what i look like’ is up next, however it is more of an interlude piece where you can hear soft speaking, and for as many times as I have listened to this, I cannot actually figure out what is being said, however, it then begins an overlay that has the starting riff of ‘Hallucinate’ and then begins to blend the two together until the interlude finishes and ‘Hallucinate’ begins. I think its the perfect lead in to the song, which has been released for a little bit now, and let me tell you when I rocked out to this song for days on end, loudly, in my car, I really mean that I was jamming for days. It is an absolutely incredible release and the vocal combination of Mikaila Delgado and Josh Franceschi (of You Me At Six) is just a match made in heaven. Their harmonies blend so smoothly, with Mikaila’s voice being so clean and gentle and Josh’s being a touch more gravelly and rough but also quite clean.

If You’re Drowning (I’ll Learn How To Hold My Breath)‘ follows on and honestly, this is another one that just didn’t grab my attention. Again, not for any particular negative reason, I just didn’t feel as though this was a track that really appealed to my style. But never fear, onto the final track of the EP ‘Lights On‘.

This is yet another song that I really connected with. There’s a hint of dance music almost peppered throughout, but also that grunge, rock tone that never seems to be unwavering throughout any of Yours Truly’s sound. It’s a song that I feel I almost cannot explain, but I just immediately fell in love with it. This is one you’re not going to want to skip past. I honestly think this is a kind of style that everyone will love for many different reasons.

All in all, I really enjoyed this release and I think that so many others are going to love it as well. It’s pure homegrown talent, as well as being versatile and so well thought out and well put together. I feel like this is the start of massive things to come for the band, as you can feel through the music that they really know what they’re doing. Every track was in a certain order for that specific reason, to flow on better from the one beforehand or to compliment the one next up. I think you can hear the band’s collective musical inspirations from genres and artists that they personally love and it just makes their sound so much more authentic.

I highly recommend giving it a listen.

yours truly Is This What I Look Like? review

Yours Truly – is this what i look like? tracklisting

  1. Walk Over My Grave
  2. Bruises (Feat. Drew York)
  3. Careless Kind
  4. is this what i look like
  5. Hallucinate (Feat. Josh Franceschi)
  6. If You’re Drowning (I’ll Learn How To Hold My Breath)
  7. Lights On

Rating: I definitely rate it a solid 7/10.
is this what I look like? is out Friday, July 15th via UNFD. Pre-order/save here
Review by Heather McNab