Meet Brissie Newcomers Talk Heavy in their Debut ‘Hoping the Middle’

If you’ve been wondering what happened to Walken, then I have news for you. The trio have rebranded to form Talk Heavy, added a fourth member to their lineup and if we’re going off their debut single, this sounds like a strong move for the boys.

Hoping the Middle‘ is an explosive blend of punk rock and emo sensibility, along the same vein as fellow Brisbane rock acts WAAX and Semantics. The track roars to life through its melodic chorus, balancing the overall melody quite nicely. Frontman Matt Cochran shares:

“‘Hoping The Middle’ is one of the more angsty songs of ours, but we felt it was the perfect representation of the band for our first release. The song is talking about detaching from reality and feeling almost emotionless in defeat – you’re not holding either the positive or negative too close to you, and you hope the middle ground of life is safe enough, but you’re still dreaming something better is coming along soon.”

I’d have to say this is a safe but super strong release for their debut, but it sets Talk Heavy up rather nicely for their emergence into the local scene. We’re keen to hear more!

Words by Tamara May @citylightstam

Listen to ‘Hoping the Middlehere

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