Hymns To The Dead – Dark Mofo – Gig Review 16th June @ The Odeon Theatre, Hobart TAS

Hymns To The Dead – Triumph Of Death
The Odeon Theatre, Hobart TAS
Thursday 16th June 2022
Support: Krypts, Chthe’ilist and Darkestrah

“In life you have to make the best of every situation; you have to keep going.”John Daly.

Share this with everyone, quickly. Forget this is a quote by a professional golfer, even forget that this is a coaching statement for sports. COVID19 nearly eliminated the life we once knew and enjoyed – but we had to keep going. What a phenomenal return we are making, this remarkable resilience and rebound from near destruction is simply awe-inspiring.

Embrace this as a life message, because this is undoubtedly what happened at the Odeon Theatre for The Hymns Of The Dead at Dark Mofo Festival.

Where is Kyrgyzstan? This writer is not asking this as a challenge, it is that “unknown” and the uncharted brings intrigue and thankfully, incredibility. Darkestrah, a six-piece pagan folklore black metal band managed to majestically horrify yet hypnotise a very willing audience as an opening act. Imagine that? A band from Central Asia, who have travelled countless hours to the bottom state of Tasmania for a Festival. Actually don’t imagine, know it happened, here is proof in this article, remember when international outfits were, pretty much, forbidden?

Let’s forget that notion (pandemic) for now, there is undeniable progress since our world was changed. This was a momentous cinematic demonstration of theatrical and historic but modernised musical majesty. Find a recipe between The Crow soundtrack, Heilung’s remarkable art and the black metal inspiration Drudkh, you have a grand meal and an idea of what the sextet portray. That nearly captures it, but not quite. That’s how indescribably powerful this outfit are – and this scribe hasn’t properly described the matter of how the traditional instruments (mandolin, ancient horn) were incorporated and ultimately mind-altering; the war-cry, the wonderment, the WOW. Hobart was left astounded, undoubtedly the world would be too.

Pronounce this: Chthe’ilist.
It isn’t required, what is required for readers to know is that this quintet WILL assist in a change of the existence of heavy music. Those statements of “life changing experiences” are insane right? On occasion, words will not define what may have unfolded properly – you had to be there? That IS what this band accomplished.

Slow to start, then splendid and spectacular to finish. An onslaught of disgusting delightful tech-death-metal, not appealing in word-form, but unbelievably appeasing for the lack of a better word in this scenario. No, incorrect, this was just terr(or)ific.

Archspire are a beast, Chthe’ilist are something MORE – don’t believe what you have read? The sell-out of merchandise begs to differ. By the way, vocalist Phil Tougas is armed with the deepest growl known to man – it also helped that these Canucks brought the dude-core too, astonishingly fun! Keep eyes, ears and the horns at the ready for this quintet, it feels like this is still just the beginning.

Tasmania needed a slow down of sorts – Krypts, from Finland, did this extraordinarily, they transfixed the audience. A post-metal quartet landing somewhere between Soothsayer, Cult of Luna, Behemoth, Isis and Sunn 0)) and on this night they redefined what an earthquake can do. Quite literally, the Odeon trembled. Their stature was momentous; these were giants and they shook the southern hemisphere. It wasn’t the energy of the prior Canadians, however, it was the sound of demonic approach from below, arguably beyond what humanity could comprehend.

Dark Mofo has always respected and loved, furthermore made essential, the showcasing of legends of the dark and disturbed – this is what was again dedicated beautifully. Triumph Of Death is most notably, Thomas Gabriel Fischer or better known as Tom G. “Satanic Slaughter” Warrior’s storytelling. This Swiss champion of black metal wasn’t present at this event to change the definition of heavy metal, he was present to tell Hobart, albeit Australia, his historical depiction with some of the best in tow. Think Venom, think punk, think hardcore, think ugly, think iconic – yes, you are close, if that’s helpful. “Change the face of metal” – this happened, decades ago and he was here to celebrate that in full force.

The version of ‘Visions of Mortality’ was an anthem for the known and an education for those willing to learn, ‘Decapitator’ and ‘Reaper’ were deathly and remarkable – his voice did it 40 years ago, it won again even after all this time. Also, if one receives a plush doll replicate from a crowd member of yourself as a gift (this happened), you are in all (bruta)likelihood an icon. Undoubtedly, we all have to “keep going” because the rewards are astounding – thank you Triumph Of Death, Krypts, Chthe’ilist and Darkestrah. Further and endless thanks to the Dark Mofo festival.

Keep an eye on more to come from the depths of Dark Mofo 2022…

Coverage by Will OakeshottInsta: @teenwolfwill

Photos by Kierra Thorn and Will Oakeshott

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