Watch Rammstein’s Voluptuous Video for ‘Dicke Titten’

After storming the ARIA Charts and coming in at #3 with their new album Zeit (our review here), German metal icons Rammstein are keeping the album growing bigger and rounder with their new music video for their latest single ‘Dicke Titten‘ which translates to…… BIG TITS!

The video depicts a tranquil mountain town, led by a blind and bearded frontman Till Lindemann (Daddy Till, if you will), where everyone wears traditional lederhosen, the men dance around and the women do the work. Everyone is happy and all the women are large breasted, except one of the members of Rammstein who has a secret…. The video is weird, sexual, funny and all the other adjectives you’d expect from a Rammstein video clip, “doch dicke titten” (but big boobs).

Go in expecting fun and you’ll walk away with a big smile on your face I’m sure of it.

Get Rammstein‘s new album Zeit here
Stream ‘Dicke Tittenhere

rammstein zeit album review 2022

Rammstein – Zeit tracklisting

1. Armee der Tristen (Army of the Sad)
2. Zeit (Time)
3. Schwarz (Black)
4. Giftig (Toxic)
5. Zick Zack (Zig Zag)
6. OK
7. Meine Tränen (My Tears)
8. Angst (Fear)
9. Dicke Titten (Fat Tits)
10. Lügen (Lies)
11. Adieu (Farewell)

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