The Wall of Sound Guide to Eurovision 2022

For a while now, Eurovision has subtly been on the Wall of Sound radar. Whilst metal and Eurovision collided with Lordi’s win in 2006, it’s really been the presence of metalcore band AWS in 2018 that got us paying attention each year. You can relive these past glories here

With Måneskin winning in 2021 and bringing the contest to Turin in Italy, our resident Eurovision fanatic KJ Draven has put together a quick look at the songs Wall of Sound will be backing this year. Don’t forget Australians can vote in Semi Final 2 and the Grand Final but you’ll have to be up early and watch live from 5am AEST. Details at the bottom. 

For those new to the Eurovision format:

  • European countries (plus Australia) send a single entry as their representative. The artist does not have to be born in the country they are representing. There are rules around song length, number of performers on stage and when the song was released. Lead vocals must be performed live, while all instruments are pre-recorded. 
  • The biggest 5 countries (known as the Big 5) go straight through to the Grand Final: UK, France, Spain, Italy and Germany. Usually the country that won the previous year joins them, but since Italy won in 2021 it will just be the Big 5 automatic qualifiers. 
  • The rest are split into two Semi Finals that occur in the few days before the Grand Final. The top 10 vote getters from each Semi Final qualify for the Grand Final. 
  • Voting is split 50-50 between a jury from each country and the public vote for that country. The maximum votes is 12 points, with each country nominating 10 other countries for points. Jury and public cannot vote for their own country. 

Here’s who we are keeping an eye on in the 64th Eurovision Song Contest. 

Don’t forget to vote in our EuroSound Contest for your favourite heavy song from the past year. 

The rockers…

Bulgaria: Intelligent Music Project – ‘Intention’

First Semi Final Song 7

The 1980s never ended! Something of a Bulgarian supergroup whose members have worked with Phil Collins, Black Sabbath and TOTO. This song has huge vocals, a slick riff and a finger bending solo. The political lyrics could strike a chord with voters. Should get public votes at the very least. Rehearsals indicate there is a lot of pyro!

Denmark: REDDI – ‘The Show’ 

First Semi Final Song 12

All female pop-punk band with lots of polish. Not a genre that has traditionally had wide appeal but this song has a great hook. Will rock out on the stage and has a great message of empowerment so could poll well. Being late in the show might help their chances with the public vote. 

Finland: The Rasmus – ‘Jezebel’ 

Second Semi Final Song 1

Finnish superstars return with their first new song since 2017, co-written by Desmond Child (Bon Jovi, Meat Loaf). It’s a rocking anthem so it will be a strong contender given the band’s popularity over the last 30 years. Clad in yellow and black they will open the show with a bang. 

San Marino: Achille Lauro – ‘Stripper’

Second Semi Final Song 7

A touch of glam to this rocker with lyrics in Italian and English. San Marino rarely goes far, though Lauro has released two Italian chart topping albums and is massive with the local audience. It will make for a fun Semi Final entry with Lauro riding a velvet mechanical bull and a ton of fireworks and flames. 

United Kingdom: Sam Ryder – ‘Space Man’

Grand Final automatic qualifier 

The UK now have a long running losing streak at EuroVision, including receiving no points on occasion. They’ve gone the big name route (boy band Blue, Bonnie Tyler, Englebert Humperdink) and now turn to TikTok super streamer Sam Ryder with his lovely pop song ‘Space Man’. So why are we interested? Mr Ryder has previously fronted metalcore band Close Your Eyes (American), Blessed by a Broken Heart (Canadian) and The Morning After (UK). So we are keen to see how he goes on the shiny stage in Turin. 

The weird …

Latvia: Citi Zēni – ‘Eat Your Salad’

First Semi Final Song 2

A sextet with a strong environmental message who consider themselves the ‘Princes of Rap’. The opening line is a pearler and certainly there will be those who love the honesty and groove. Zany Latvian entries are a delicacy, of which Australian fans are particularly fond, plus they appear in Wiggles-coloured suits. A shame they aren’t in Australia’s Semi Final because we would almost certainly give them points. 

Norway: Subwoolfer – ‘Give That Wolf a Banana’

First Semi Final Song 16

Oh Norway, what have you done? Apparently they are from the Moon and were told by Neil Armstrong himself to write the world’s greatest song and come to Earth. This is what they served up. Hard to explain outside the context of the contest. Their performance is appropriately wild with yellow wolves, choreography and lots of fireworks. 

How to watch Eurovision in Australia on SBS or SBS OnDemand

LIVE early morning broadcasts

  • Semi Final 1 – Wednesday 11 May, 5am (AEST) SBS 
  • Semi Final 2 – Friday 13 May, 5am (AEST) SBS ** FEATURING SHELDON RILEY (Australia)
  • Grand Final – Sunday 15 May, 5am (AEST) SBS

Australian viewers can vote during the live Semi Final 2 and Grand Final. Follow the prompts on screen. 

Full Details on SBS’ Eurovision website here including prime time replay dates and times.

Join KJ Draven on Twitter to chat Eurovision live during the semi-finals (Wednesday 11th May, 5am AEST and Friday 13th May, 5am AEST) before the grand final (Sunday 15th May, 5am AEST).

Don’t forget to vote in the EuroSound Song Contest for your favourite heavy song from the past year. 

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