Teen Jesus and the Jean Teasers – Pretty Good For A Girl Band (EP Review)

Teen Jesus and the Jean Teasers – Pretty Good For A Girl Band
Released: May 13, 2022


Anna Ryan // vocals
Scarlett McKahey // guitar
Neve van Boxsel // drums
Jaida Stephenson // bass



A debut body of work is a special thing. Whether it be an EP or an album, it’s a collection of songs that an artist or band have slaved over for who knows how long and have finally decided to release them to the world. We’ve been waiting for a debut EP from Teen Jesus and the Jean Teasers for a good while now, and it’s finally here! Pretty Good For A Girl Band is their feisty offering and, satisfyingly, it is everything you expected it would be.

As you kick off into this EP, you very soon realise that every song is basically a singalong. Harmonies in choruses, catchy lyrics, and upbeat rock songs that would go down super well with friends. Take the opening track ‘AHHHH!’ for example, because once you hear that chorus, it’s all you’ll be singing for days. Speaking of harmonies, we may as well add in backing vocals to the mix because the whole band basically gets involved, and these musos have talent to boot. ‘Up To Summit’ has a lovely light chorus with the band performing backing up vocals for lead vocalist Anna Ryan. It’s simple and catchy, and almost has a melancholy feel? Maybe it’s a bit whimsical or introspective.

‘Miss Your Birthday’ is full rock with punctuating riffs, driving drums, a sneaky tamborine (we love a good tamborine moment here at Wall of Sound), and a chorus that you can sing after hearing it once. But it’s ‘Girl Sports’ that I really want to talk about because it’s a perfectly written dig at the inequality between men and women. It’s the mansplaining, the misogyny, and how if you’re a girl in a band, you’re always described as a girl band. It’s the same for sports, where it’s preferred that women play a ‘girl sport’, take netball for example which is a designated girl sport. Why is the default sex for a band or a sport men? ‘Maybe you should try sticking to girl sports / And men would like it better if you didn’t talk / Don’t get me wrong you’re pretty good for a girl band / It’s kinda complicated you won’t understand.’

‘Bull Dragon’ feels like an ending song. I’ve said this before about other albums where some bands can just write a song that feels like a closer; you hear it and you know it’s all wrapping up. These types of songs round everything out, they’re not too high energy or lacking in excitement, they just feel wholesome in a way. Teen Jesus have done it oh so well with ‘Bull Dragon’.

Some people want to be blown away with a new body of work and hear the artist or band push the boundaries. But sometimes you just want to hear a great collection of songs that you can sing along to, dance to, shout to, and that won’t grow old. Teen Jesus and the Jean Teasers’ debut EP is exactly that. If you’re a fan of this band, this is the EP you want to hear because it hits all the spots you’ve been waiting to itch since they first hit the scene.

Teen Jesus & the Jean Teasers – Pretty Good For A Girl Band EP tracklisting

2. Up To Summit
3. Miss Your Birthday
4. Girl Sports
5. Bull Dragon

Rating: 8/10
Pretty Good For A Girl Band is out Friday 13th May via Domestic La La. Find your copy here.
Review By Ebony Story

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