Halestorm – Back From The Dead (Album Review)

Halestorm – Back From The Dead
Released: May 6, 2022


Lizzy Hale | Vocals & Guitar
Arejay Hale | Drums
Joe Hottinger | Guitars
Josh Smith | Bass



After being blown away by American rock legends Halestorm at the last Download festival we had way back in 2019. So, when the opportunity came up to review their new album Back From The Dead, it was hard to say no.

Halestorm’s latest offering is eleven tracks of the best hard rock coming out of the USA today, ranging from huge and heavy rock passages to soulful acoustic and piano ballads, all punctuated by the top-tier vocal talents of frontwoman Lizzy Hale.

Right from the open note of the title track, ‘Back From The Dead,’ it’s clear Lizzy isn’t messing around, with mental health being a common theme throughout the album. Her vocal range is incredible, with the loudest rock screams and golden singing. Guitars are tight, with leads on tracks like ‘Brightside’ and ‘The Steeple’ blistering, the latter a standout track from the album that will be hard not to bang your head to. Heavy riffs abound the likes of ‘Bombshell’ while the huge production helps ‘Strange Girl’ helps the song make its impact on an album full of epic rock moments.

The ballads are amazing, ‘Terrible Things’ being a cool acoustic number about the struggles of watching the world go crazy from the last few years, while the album closer ‘Raise Your Horns’ is a piano ballad that will leave you motivated and ready to give the whole album another spin.

In Back From The Dead, Halestorm have delivered one of the ballsiest albums of the year, with their trademark ‘take no crap’ attitude and well-crafted song hooks. I hope we get to see them grace Australian shores again soon.

Halestorm – Back From The Dead tracklisting

1. Back From The Dead
2. Wicked Ways
3. Strange Girl
4. Brightside
5. The Steeple
6. Terrible Things
7. My Redemption
8. Bombshell
9. I Come First
10. Psycho Crazy
11. Raise Your Horns

Rating: 10/10
Back From The Dead is Out Now.
Review By – Simon Valentine (@SimonValentineAU)

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