AWOLNATION Releases New Collaborative Effort, My Echo, My Shadow, My Covers And Me

At Wall of Sound, we’re always eager to open our doors to other musical styles and genres outside of metalcore, deathcore and punk. One name that we haven’t really touched but should be on everyone’s radars is AWOLNATION. The multitalented musician and songwriter is a billion streaming artist, a major player in alternative music and has just revealed his new collaboration album, My Echo, My Shadow, My Covers And Me.

The 11-track LP features a range of iconic pop tracks that AWOLNATION founder Aaron Bruno has reproduced with a calibre of artists including Rise Against’s Tim McIlrath, Grouplove, Incubus’ Brandon Boyd and 90s contemporary pop musician Jewel. The latter is the latest single to celebrate this throwback to the ages, where Bruno and Jewel have taken on the legendary ABBA in their hit song ‘Take A Chance On Me’. Bruno shares a few words about this iconic reimagining:

“ABBA and Jewel. What more can I say? The importance and impact of ABBA’s music can’t be overstated and now they’ve released new music for the first time in four decades, and got a Grammy nomination! I still can’t believe Jewel agreed to perform on this song with me. She took a chance on me!”

Suss the rest of the epic tracklisting below, and if you’re eager to hear how Tim McIlrath goes on that Midnight Oil classic, give ‘er a spin now on your favourite streaming service. Overall, this is a pretty quirky, yet fun album that could be easily mixed into your next weekend social gathering with your non-metal mates. They won’t know the difference!

Words By Tamara May @citylightstam

Listen to My Echo, My Shadow, My Covers And Me here

AWOLNATIONMy Echo, My Shadow, My Covers And Me tracklisting:

1. Beds Are Burning (featuring Tim McIlrath of Rise Against)
2. Eye In The Sky (featuring Beck)
3. Take A Chance on Me (featuring Jewel)
4. Maniac (featuring Conor Mason of Nothing But Thieves)
5. Just A Friend (featuring Hyro The Hero)
6. Material Girl (featuring Taylor Hanson of Hanson)
7. Wind of Change (featuring Brandon Boyd of Incubus & Portugal The Man)
8. Waiting Room (featuring Grouplove)
9. Drive (On digital only)
10. Flagpole Sitta (featuring Elohim)
11. Alone Again (featuring Midland)

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