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Dance Gavin Dance Pop Off! review

Dance Gavin Dance are currently in the middle of an awesome U.S. tour after a tumultuous period. Shortly after releasing new single ‘Synergy‘ featuring Don Broco‘s Rob Damiani, the band suffered the tragic loss of their bandmate Tim Feerick, on bass. DGD are still understandably grieving the tragic passing of their brother, but are taking the approach of celebrating his life, which is an awesome way to pay their respects.

Off the back of their recent Jackpot Juicer album announcement, Dance Gavin Dance have just released new single ‘Pop Off!‘ The record comes on July 29 via Rise Records and includes both ‘Synergy‘ and ‘Pop Off!’ as well as a HEAP of new tracks.

Pop Off!‘ begins with a casino-inspired keyboard melody before breaking into their signature complex guitar riffs and Jon Mess‘ screams. It’s very rhythm driven and the vocals really sit on the beat the entire way through.

As a rule, you should always watch a DGD music video because they tell more of a visual story for their fans. This music video features Jon Mess as an actual rat king with a golden cheese, band members dressed in fruit costumes who are put in jail, Tillian Pearson in jail and trying to seduce the guard, and then all hell breaks loose! There’s a bit of fight club, a jail breakout, a stolen cheese, and the worst (or best) part? It’s to be continued.

Goodness me they always put 100% into all aspects of their music, don’t they. Check out ‘Pop Off!’ now.

Words by Ebony Story @ebonyrose.s

Stream Dance Gavin Dance‘Pop Off!’ here and
Pre-order Jackpot Juicer here

Dance Gavin Dance Jackpot Juicer tracklisting

Dance Gavin DanceJackpot Juicer tracklisting

1. Untitled II (Interlude)
2. Cream Of The Crop
3. Synergy feat. Rob Damiani of Don Broco
4. Holy Ghost Spirit
5. For The Jeers
6. Ember
7. Pop Off!
8. One Man’s Cringe
9. Feels Bad Man
10. Die Another Day
11. Two Secret Weapons
12. Polka Dot Dobbins
13. Long Nights In Jail
14. Back On Deck
15. Current Events
16. Pray To God For Your Mother
17. Swallowed By Eternity
18. Have A Great Life

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