Saviour’s Bryant Best Takes Us Track-By-Track Through New LP Shine & Fade

Saviour Tidal Wave review

It really is Saviour’s time to shine this week with the release of their new full-length, Shine & Fade (suss our review here). The LP is an exemplary display of Australian metalcore from the Perth act who, through eight tracks, show absolutely zero signs of fading away anytime soon. Frontman Bryant Best is extremely stoked about the band’s latest efforts, so we thought we’d get him to give you an in-depth analysis of each track to better understand the release as you listen over this long weekend (well, if you’re cool enough to get it like us QLD kings!)

1. ‘Younger’

This is the track off the album that in our pre-production phase we felt was our strongest tune. We reckon this track shows the full spectrum of the Saviour sound and works well as an intro to the release because of that. This one is really on-brand for us and possibly our best showing of this classic formula. Younger’s lyrics were built around the music video concept we had in mind. It’s a song about getting old slowly and forgetting how good things used to be.

2. ‘Reshape Me’

The lyrical content of this one was actually put together in 2014. This track has gone through a bunch of different formations and didn’t make the cut on our past couple of LP releases. Curtis (guitar) had a crack at re-imagining this song and made it what it is now. I’m not quite sure in what space this was written anymore, but it has major themes of rebuilding and piecing yourself together to be a more fulfilled and whole person.

3. ‘Racing Home’

This one was a late inclusion to the record as the majority of it was put together in the last couple of weeks in our recording journey. It’s really energetic through verses and boppy through the choruses. We potentially could have been a bit ambitious hitting the chorus three times in this one… something we haven’t done before. But it definitely felt right in the process of creating it. This song is about letting go when you have overstayed your welcome.

4. ‘Modern Curse’

This song on the surface feels like the happy track of the album. And we appreciate this song for the vibe change up amongst the tracklisting. ‘Modern Curse’ is definitely a reflection of the years spent in COVID isolation. Being away from friends and family definitely made us re-evaluate what life’s about. What is actually important about it and what does it mean, when you really boil it down. This may potentially be a bit of a vibe change for us, but we are proud nonetheless.

5. ‘Tidal Wave’

This track was a late bloomer for us. It was on the chopping block at one stage, but after warming up to it, it’s become one of our in-house favourites. All over the board, the technicality is a step up for us. The lyric to this track was also designed with our music video concept in mind. ‘Tidal Wave’ is the heaviest and darkest track on this record. It’s a style that we believe we’ll explore further in the future.

6. ‘Black Rosary’

This one is somewhat the ballad-style track of the album. We flirted with a few different ways to attack this track as we didn’t really want to venture too deep into the soft side on this record. We love the juxtaposition of the extreme heavy sections that break this track’s flow up and puts it in its own unique category. This song has a real beneath-the-surface personal feel to it lyrically. Reading back, I’m not quite sure which slice of life it captures. A mixture of a lot of things though.

7. ‘Cynical’

Another late inclusion to this record. We weren’t quite sure on this track in its early days. But with some spare time late in the recording process, we re-wrote this one to create something very worthy of putting on this record. There’s quite a bit of self-loathing in the lyrical content of this tune. An ode to darker times when you feel like you’re not worthy to be doing the things you do and unable to be the person you want to be.

8. ‘Wishing Well’

Definitely a track that has grown on all of us. Right up there with our favourites of Shine & Fade. The first half of this track is all energy until we peel it back to the self-proclaimed epic outro half. This song is about giving too much of yourself to people and receiving less in return. We love the style that we captured in this piece, and will probably use it as reference in our future songwriting.

Wanna hear more from Bryant? Catch up in Adam Rice’s chat with the man in question alongside new guitarist Curtis Tunks right here!

Saviour’s brand new album, Shine & Fade is out now through
Greyscale Records. Grab it here

Saviour – Shine & Fade tracklisting:

1. Younger
2. Reshape Me
3. Racing Home
4. Modern Curse
5. Tidal Wave
6. Black Rosary
7. Cynical
8. Wishing Well

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