New Faves Breezer Release New Track ‘Forever’

Let’s take a little look at what’s going on over the pond, shall we? I hope you’re up for a little bit of Brit-rock because I have a new band for you to check out. Breezer are based out of Hastings, UK, and when I tell you they’re a fresh band (there’s a joke there somewhere), I mean that their new single ‘Forever’ is their second release as a band.

Their first single ‘Alive’ kick-started the hype around these guys and as frontman Bobby Geraghty explains:

“We didn’t have a live band. We put the song online because our mates had been hassling
us to release stuff that we’d been sharing with them on various group chats for ages. Next thing it’s on Radio 1 being championed by Daniel P. Carter, it’s rocketing past 30,000 plays and we’ve got all sorts of people messaging us for music that we just didn’t have yet. ‘Alive’ was just a demo. We had no one helping us out, it was just a bunch of mates putting music online.”

You know when things in your life start snowballing and your only hope is to go with it because it’s picking up speed? Well that’s what’s happening with Breezer, and that’s why ‘Forever’ is an important track.

“With ‘Forever’ things are different and people know about us now, people that we don’t know care about the tunes and this song came out of the build up to our first show back in December. We started hearing the original songs we had written in a studio being played live, and ‘Forever’ was written with that in mind – and we’ve gone out of our way to get that same energy into the recording.”

But let me tell you about the actual track. Think early Offspring, classic Brit rock like Oasis, and guitars that beg to be played live. This is a song that needs to be played loudly with a surging and slightly loose crowd. ‘Forever’ would fit right in with that indie rock bar you used to go to (any Adelaide people reading, DJ Craig would play this at Gosh! on a Saturday night for sure) and is the perfect soundtrack to complement a fun and boozy evening with friends.

Words by Ebony Story

Breezer is Bobby Geraghty (vocals), Chris Woodgates (guitar), JC (drums), Rum (guitar) and Dobbo (bass).

Check out ‘Forever’ below and on Linktree

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