Three Days Grace Strip Right Back With Emotive ‘Lifetime’ Ballad

Three Days Grace Explosions tracklisting

You should be getting hyped for Three Days Grace forthcoming record Explosions, ’cause it’s out very soon, May 6, 2022 to be exact – via RCA Records. The Canadian rockers have already unveiled two tracks for their seventh album, including ‘So Called Lifeand ‘Neurotic‘, featuring Lukas Rossi. With only weeks to go until the full LP is here, 3DG have dropped a third single for fans to salivate over, this one called ‘Lifetime‘.

The music video was recorded in Kentucky at Mayfield High School, recently impacted by a tornado – see the explanation below from the band’s socials:

In the music video caption, the band have shared some support links below:

“To help the people of Mayfield, you can donate to:
Mayfield Tornado Relief Fund |

Mayfield Independent School District |”

On the single, the band have commented:

“Lifetime is about loss. It also speaks to the human condition to push forward
and put one foot in front of the other even when you wake up and your world is turned upside
down. Barry lives 2 hours to the north of Mayfield and when the tornado struck he not only
knew people directly affected but days later found photos and debris in his own backyard;
hitting, in more ways than one, close to home. The Mayfield community has shown hope and
resilience in the face of unimaginable devastation. When we discussed how we wanted to
visually portray this song the story of Mayfield immediately came up. We travelled down to
Kentucky from Toronto in March. To see it all with our own eyes and to meet some of the
families while overwhelming at times it was also a reminder to us and hopefully to all of you
that while there is suffering there is also hope, resilience and strength around every corner all
over the world.”

The three-minute single dials things right down compared to the other two we’ve heard. Three Days Grace lean into their harmonic and emotive ballad style, one which we’ve pleasantly heard across their back catalogue. Consequently, the track gives Matt Walst the chance to really shine with his cleans after emptying the weight of the hard rock persona for just a moment. He truly captures ex-vocalist Adam Gontier‘s clean vocal style, which is yet another enabler for this band to continue with the raw sound that their extensive fanbase fell in love with all those years ago.

Words by Ricky Aarons (@rickysaul90)

Stream Three Days Grace – ‘Lifetimehere and
Pre-order Explosions here

Three Days Grace Explosions tracklisting

Three Days Grace – Explosions tracklisting

1. So Called Life
2. I Am The Weapon
3. Neurotic feat. Lukas Rossi
4. Lifetime
5. A Scar Is Born
6. Souvenirs
7. No Tomorrow
8. Redemption
9. Champion
10. Chain of Abuse
11. Someone To Talk To feat. Apocalyptica
12. Explosions

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