TesseracT Raises Funds For Ukraine With Double A-Side Regrowth

Good guys TesseracT have shared a surprise Double A-Side today titled Regrowth for the altruistic purpose of fundraising. The release is not listed on streaming platforms and rather very intentionally featured on their Bandcamp. The reason being this is that the prog-metalers are raising funds for The Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC) “in their drive to aid those in Ukraine affected by the invasion by Russia, and warzones around the world.” 

The release features two songs ‘Hollow‘ and ‘Rebirth‘ both which were both written and intended for a particular album, but didn’t fit with the direction of the respective release. However, both tracks are equally wonderful and share the same love and affection as TesseracT‘s back catalogue.

Read their full statement on Regrowth below:

“These songs have been in the TesseracT domain for a while. We had developed them for album 5, but they just weren’t the right fit for where that album has headed. Rather than have them slowly decay on a server somewhere, we felt they could do something good, no matter how small?

Many organisations are doing good at the moment. Médecin Sans Frontières, Amnesty International, and World United. We chose to help The Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC) in their drive to aid those in Ukraine affected by the invasion by Russia, and warzones around the world.

Our last headline tour visited Kyiv, Kharkiv, and Lviv. We have travelled the roads currently under attack, but cannot begin to imagine the change they have undergone.”

Words by Ricky Aarons (@rickysaul90)

Donate and listen to TesseracT‘s Regrowth Double A-Side here

TesseracT Regrowth tracklisting

TesseracTRegrowth tracklisting

1. Hollow
2. Rebirth

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