Perth’s Sedative Have Arrived With ‘Godspeed’

Whilst Matt Daly‘s been tearing it up in the Perth heavy music scene in various acts, he’s got a new band for you to check out. They’re called Sedative, and they’re not hear to muck around. Daly, who shared his Wall of Sound 2021 Year in Review has some fine taste in music, so we snagged a listen of the outfit’s brand new single ‘Godspeed‘ to get a feel for his new project.

The new single will feature on Sedative‘s forthcoming seven-track record Death Romantic, out on 20 May. With the quality of heavy music coming out of WA over the past few years, this one will definitely be worth a geez. ‘Godspeed‘ is a one and a half minute slammer with hardcore influenced vocals and blistering riffs that compounds to sonic oblivion, proportionally to its animated video depiction.

Words by Ricky Aarons (@rickysaul90)

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Stream Sedative – ‘Godspeed’ here and
Pre-order Death Romantic here

Sedative Death Romantic

SedativeDeath Romantic tracklisting

1. Romilda Vane
2. Godspeed
3. Unlove
4. Can’t Feel A Thing
5. Stained Soul
6. Abhorrent
7. Lothario

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