Get Your Heartagram Tatts Out – Ville Valo Returns with ‘Loveletting’

ville valo loveletting

It’s been 5 years since HIM called it a day and two years since ex-frontman Ville Valo released a three-track EP as part of his first solo venture – now the goth/emo prince is back with an emotionally-driven balladesque track that borders more on the pop side of the musical spectrum!

Loveletting‘ is the first track from VV‘s upcoming yet-to-be-announced debut album Neon Noir which is coming out in early 2023. It’s a beautiful array of music with Ville’s vocal performance taking the spotlight for the entire duration. If you’re expecting a heavy sound akin to that of HIM, you’re gonna have a bad time, but if you’re open to a poetic love song, you’re gonna swooooooon over this.

On the newbie, Ville revealed:

“As fun as the funeral rites for HIM were, it took me more than a few moons to lick my wounds in the shadow of the Heartagram and come up with an excuse to strum and hum again. Eventually, I decided to put a leash on my beloved black dog and we started howling together instead of barking at each other. That’s how ‘Loveletting’ was born.”

No further details have been revealed about the upcoming album, but just enjoy new music (at midnight local time) that takes you back to your scene phase!

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