Bellwether Deliver Fiery Energy on Latest Single ‘Kaiba’ + Debut Impermanence EP

Sydney pop punkers Bellwether are fast becoming our new favourites on the Aussie scene this year, and we bet you’ll froth them as well after giving their debut EP, Impermanence a go. If you love your punk a little more popped and punchier than average (with the occasional pop culture reference), look no further than Bellwether.

The band’s latest single ‘Kaiba’ pays homage to Japanese anime (amongst their other throwbacks to Scott Pilgrimwhile this fresh five-piece throw some feverishly infectious, high-energy pop punk into your ears. It accompanies the already released ‘Shortsighted’, ‘Charade’ and ‘Halfway Happy’ and with the raucous and fiery intro ‘Ramona Flowers’, together make up Bellwether’s debut EP, Impermanence.

What are you waiting for — give it a spin for yourself. Impermanence is a straight-fire debut from Bellwether, which is hopefully the onslaught of bigger things to come. Plus, how adorable is their latest promo photo? Making awkward school photos cool again; what a vibe.

Words by Tamara May @citylightstam

Give Bellwether’s new EP, Impermanence a spin here

Bellwether – Impermanence EP tracklisting:

1. Ramona Flowers
2. Charade
3. Halfway Happy
4. Kaiba
5. Shortsighted

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