Ice Nine Kills Upload ‘Hunting Season’ from PUBG: NEW STATE Game

ice nine kills hunting season pubg

Ice Nine Kills had a massive year in 2021 following the releaser of their killer sequel album The Silver Scream 2: Welcome To Horrorwood and they’re keeping the momentum flowing with a brand new song taken from the original Battle Royal game PUBG: NEW STATE!

Hunting Season’ was written for the game and finds frontman Spencer Charnas using those alluring cleans to draw us in with a more alt-rock sound than his typical metalcore screamy roots. There are pianos, brass sections, up-tempo synth and an infectious “da-da-da-da” sing-a-long section akin to that of ‘It is the End‘ from the original The Silver Scream album.

In the behind-the-scenes video on their socials, Spencer explained how he went all out with this song, making the composition as close to the gameplay as possible – but for the fans, he went above and beyond to make it feel like it truly belonged as part of the PUBG universe:

“We got to play it before anyone which was really cool. we were blown away by the game, love the gameplay [it] reminded me of what I loved about video games to begin with. We got a feel for it and flushed out the song! I did a lot of research on stuff I knew the fans would want included, especially in the lyrics”

When chatting with Spencer last year about the next move for INK, I questioned whether they’d head in a horror video game inspired direction (like Silent Hill, Alone in the Dark and The Last of Us) following the release of ‘Rainy Day‘ – inspired by the Resident Evil franchise, to which he replied:

“Oh man, I think that would be really really cool. I don’t want to speak too soon, but I think the idea of Ice Nine Kills making horror games, horror theme parks, horror haunted houses and horror movies are all on the table…”

If this is an indication of a shift in direction to video game inspired songs or more soundtracks, then once again, sign us the f*ck up. If it’s simply a once-off song for the PUBG soundtrack, then that’s fine too – I might actually download the game again and give it a play just to hear this song inside.

Stream ‘Hunting Seasonhere

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