BABYMETAL Post Cryptic Teaser ‘The Other One’

BABYMETAL, everyone’s favourite Kawaii-Metal legends, have broken their silence since announcing a hiatus in October last year with a cryptic teaser video.

According to the Facebook post, ‘THE OTHER ONE – BLACK BOX’ is a new development project detailing the mystery of BABYMETAL‘s ‘other story,’ and a plan to restore BABYMETAL within a virtual world called the ‘METALVERSE.’

What this actually means…is a mystery. This could mean new BABYMETAL music is on the way, either with an entirely new lineup or the existing one. Or it could be a release of unreleased material from previous albums.

Or it could be Ed Sheeran covering ‘Gimme Chocolate.’ (That would be different.) As BABYMETAL says – only the ‘FOX GOD’ knows. (To be honest – I’m tipping it’s unreleased material.)

Those who like their media physical (and have some cash to drop) can pre-order via the post below.

Whatever it may be, it seems we’ll find out more over the next month, with a digital photo gallery going live on April 27.

Written By Simon Valentine @simonvalentineau

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