Teen Jesus & the Jean Teasers Drop ‘Girl Sports’ + Announce Debut EP

Since their inception, Canberra all-female rock act Teen Jesus and the Jean Teasers have only been on the ups with feisty anthems like ‘AHHH!’ and ‘Miss Your Birthday’. The energy that the girls are throwing into the Australian music landscape is contagious, not to mention an inspiration to us all, as the four piece look to deflect any criticisms that are thrown their way.

And that’s exactly what the girls’ newest single ‘Girl Sports’ celebrates. This one’s a little more on the moodier side from what we’ve come to know Teen Jesus as, but still packs that unapologetic sense of personality the girls are showcasing through their music. Vocalist Anna Ryan explains the song’s demeanor:

“‘Girl Sports’ specifically is basically a big middle finger to all the men that have treated us like we’re less than in the music industry and to call out the losers that think it’s okay to catcall women literally everyday. It’s like a big GROW UP and treat women better cause we’re just so sick and tired of it. We want everyone that has ever felt like this to have something they can belt out their frustration to.”

As a fellow female who growing up, preferred t-shirts and shorts over skirts and dresses, I’ve been exposed to remarks of a similar sort and was made to feel like I should follow a certain expectation. While I’m well past that stage and these days couldn’t give a fuck about what others think, ‘Girl Sports’ presents a topic that is still relevant today, especially to all those in the minority in the music industry.

Teen Jesus & the Jean Teasers are set to release their debut EP, Pretty Good For A Girl Band on May 13 via Domestic La La. The EP will include all three previously released tracks plus two more insatiable songs about pushing back society’s expectations and running on your own path. Yeah the girls!

Words by Tamara May @citylightstam

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Teen Jesus & the Jean Teasers – Pretty Good For A Girl Band EP tracklisting

2. Up To Summit
3. Miss Your Birthday
4. Girl Sports
5. Bull Dragon

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