Windwaker Sex It Up A Bit for New Single ‘Glow’

Any Windwaker is great, but sexy Windwaker is something special…

The boys have dropped single three from their forthcoming debut album Love Language (out May 6th via Fearless Records/Cooking Vinyl Australia) and it kicks off with a very sexy/slow start akin to that of The Weeknd with thumping beats and vocalist Will King‘s stunningly beautiful vocal performance. Having followed these boys for years, this sound comes as no surprise to us, but this song really showcases the range this guy has. Combine that with the band picking up steam for the chorus and you’ve got the makings of a certified slapper!

With lyrics like ‘You came to see me glow/so watch me from below’ you’ll be locking your bedroom door and having those thoughts again in no time. The climax of the track throws back to the sound we heard and loved with ‘Beautiful‘ and sets up the band for huge success by proving how far they’ve come since their My Empire EP dropped back in 2019 (our review here).

On the new song, here’s what the band says:

“The record sees themes of adolescence, identity, belonging, nostalgia, mindfulness, death, altered consciousness; displays typical traits of a concept album, but is left very much open-ended lyrically in its ambiguous, open-book type format. Love Language defines fear and love as fleeting moments, encouraging listeners to take an intuitive leap in all situations, confront themselves and their surroundings, never taking a moment presented for granted. In a balance of chaos vs. control, we manifest, and must take all things as they come, operating with the best intent. We are alive. We are breathing. We are fear and we are love.”

If you’re not on board yet, uppercut yourself!

Stream ‘Glowhere

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Windwaker – Love Language tracklisting:

1. Beautiful
2. Lucy
3. Nighthawk
4. Dopamine Freestyle
5. Me + You, But Mostly Me
6. Glow
7. Trenches
8. Superstitious Fantasy
9. Silver Linings
10. Love Language
11. Hide & Seek
12. The Rain

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