Tragic Me – OVERTHOUGHT (EP Review)

Released: March 18, 2022 


Alex // Vocals
Ben // Guitar
India // Bass
Chris // Drums



Brisbane quartet Tragic Me are a vibrant alternative/pop act who aren’t too fussed with meeting anyone’s expectations musically. They’re more focused on producing ultra catchy pop/rock melodies that hope to stick in listeners’ minds for days on end. Their sophomore EP, OVERTHOUGHT presents us with carefully laid out tunes created by a young group of Queenslanders hoping to make a long-lasting splash in the Australian music scene.

Meet Tragic Me (L-R Chris, India, Ben, Alex)

OVERTHOUGHT opens up with ripples of alluring pop sensibility that’ll surely send you in a trance. Inspired by lust and catching feelings, ‘For the Night’ carries a punchy rock chorus that’s difficult not to catch yourself nodding along to. Overall, Tragic Me here have an array of influences, but I gotta mention their tendencies tend to sway towards mainstream pop acts The Vamps and The Band Camino. ‘Dances Alone’ acts as the modest ballad of this debut, while inducing us with a pulsing poppier melody. This kinda reverberates throughout all four tracks.

Vocalist Alex kinda throws off Evermore vibes, especially with ‘Takes Me Back’. This one really says it all with the literal notion of nostalgia; it provides us with ample amounts of 2000s rock/pop melodies building into a soaring anthemic moment, much like the New Zealand trio did way back when. While I did notice the guitars and drums especially overpowered the vocals a little more, the band really increase the intensity on final track ‘Sorry’. I highly enjoyed those glimpses of punchy pop punky riffs emanating throughout the second verses and bridge here. Tragic Me give me memories of US alternative/rock act The Summer Set (who recently reformed), with an Aussie accent.

If you’re always on the lookout to uncover emerging alternative/pop sensations, go no further than Brisbane’s Tragic Me. Although they’re young, their age doesn’t deter us from what matters most. Their ability to induce listeners with melancholy pop soundtracks that are actually make us feel otherwise. OVERTHOUGHT is a fresh perspective on moody emotions celebrating sadness with promising, upbeat instrumentals that show off this four-piece’s lasting potential.

Tragic Me – OVERTHOUGHT EP tracklisting:

1. For the Night
2. Dances Alone
3. Take Me Back
4. Sorry

Rating: 7/10
OVERTHOUGHT is out now. Listen here
Review By Tamara May @citylightstam

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