Magnolia Park and Action/Adventure Celebrate Diversity with ‘Deja Vu’

Two of America’s best upcoming pop punk acts — Magnolia Park and Action/Adventure — have teamed up for punchy new track ‘Deja Vu’. The song is your typical tongue-in-cheek anthem that sings about living through the same shit over and over again.

We’ve been all about Chicago boys Action/Adventure since they released their Pure Noise debut, Pulling Focus last year and it’s their explosive punk antics that make ‘Deja Vu’ your new favourite mosh anthem. As for Magnolia Park, well — it’s kinda hard to avoid their music on social media. Numerous of their tracks are constantly filling up your TikTok feeds until one day, you realise ‘shit, these guys are ridiculously catchy!’

‘Deja Vu’ is an anthem for bands celebrating diversity in the genre, who are sick and tired of the same ol’ music being pushed in every direction. Through waves of emo pop sensibility, the song is a massive push in the right direction for music inclusivity.

Words by Tamara May @citylightstam

Listen to ‘Deja Vuhere

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