Inertia – Memoria (EP Review)

Inertia – Memoria
Released: March 18, 2021

Line up:

Julian Latouche // Vocals
Mark Williamson // Guitars
Oliver Smith // Bass
Jay Cusack // Drums



With the way the world keeps giving us wild shit, a dystopian future is not too hard to imagine anymore. And it’s a subject that makes for a damn good concept EP, as Sydney’s Inertia prove with their latest self-produced offering, Memoria.

Starting the EP and futuristic vibes off straight away is ‘Arisaka’ which is synth-filled and heavy-hitting. The instruments are so good straight off the bat, especially the bass (anyone who has read my reviews before knows how much I LOVE bass). The chorus of this song is so catchy, and I found myself singing along straight away.

We slow down a little with ‘Hivemind’, the first single from the EP. Julian Latouche’s pained, soaring vocals match the themes of anxiety and depression due to overconsumption, societal division and capitalism well. There are great heavy moments in this song paired with incredible melodies.

The EP stays slow and melodic with ‘Parallels’, and I have to call out the bass yet again in this song. While the verses are lyrical and slow — the crashing drums, guitars and groovy bass fill the chorus with heaviness. ‘Nemesis’ changes the pace and is the heaviest song on the EP. There are great guitar squeals, frantic drumming, fantastic bass (again), and Julian shows that his heavy vocals are just as good as his cleans. There is a sick breakdown halfway through that is full of futuristic sounds, and if this is what a dystopian future will sound like, at least that’s one positive.

Melodic banger ‘Memoria’ finishes out the EP. This song finishes the EP nicely with quiet, moody verses that show off more pop-style vocals and then a full, sonically crashing chorus. The breakdown that ends this song perfectly rounds out the apocalyptic concept, it seems to say — shit is crashing down around us and we need to pay attention.

I was lucky enough to get to know of this band back in 2020 when I reviewed their last EP, Connexion. That EP was also a BANGER, and to be honest, I think it was tragically slept on. Like, I get it — April 2020 was the beginning of a shit fire of a time, so you were distracted. But if you don’t get into these guys now, you’re going to regret it. They are already so tight, the instruments are incredible, and Julian Latouche is on my list of top six best melodic vocalists in Aussie heavy music. You didn’t ask for it, but the rest of the list in no particular order is – Windwaker’s Will King, Marcus Bridge from Northlane, Dan Richards from Alt., Merry Kirk-Holmes from To Octavia and Polaris’ Jake Steinhauser.

Inertia is touring soon, and I CANNOT wait to see them live. Be sure to get around this EP and get to a show.

Inertia- Memoria EP tracklisting:

1. Arisaka
2. Hivemind
3. Parallels
4. Nemesis
5. Memoria

Rating: 8/10
Memoria is out Friday via Resist Records. Pre-order here
Review By – Cait Mac @cait_2tone

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