Elision Kick Br00tal Goals on Frantic Track ‘Shadow Blur’

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Sydney haymakers Elision kept us on the edge of our seats when they debuted new tracks The Wretched of the Earth and Utopia in the middle of last year before following them up with the standout There’s More To Us Than You and I EP.

Since then, the guys have been slowly making their way back into the live scene and, as it turns out, they’ve been creating new music in-house for us to devour with freshie ‘Shadow Blur’ making its way online. With panic-inducing instrumentals, Lachlan Boundy‘s bellowing screams and a stack of group vocals, this bassy hit will have you bicycle kicking your nearest neighbour at any of their upcoming shows.

When discussing the creative process behind the new tune, the band told us:

“Shadow Blur is our first truly DIY song, with production, mixing, artwork and the music video all created by us. After our EP release last year we were really motivated to keep refining our style and working out what we can do to stand out from the rest, and we’re incredibly proud of what we have created with this track. From the digi-freakout synth layers to the wailing guitar lines, Shadow Blur is our favourite song and we are so happy to have it released”

The video (below) is also split into chapters and when I quizzed the band about this, they were more than keen to explain the method behind the madness:

“We wanted to give people a way to understand each section of the song, so instead of just one song title, we’ve included chapter titles to reinforce the huge shifts (musically and visually) from section to section.”

With new-age bands like Starve, Diesect, APATE and ATLVS leading the charge for the next generation of Australian core, it’s safe to say our nation is in some brutally good hands and company.

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