Bearings Send Tremors with Latest Single ‘Shaking Your Mind’

Canadian pop punk outfit Bearings will most definitely send your pop senses tingling if you’re into catchy rock riffs. Teaming together a staggering wave of infectious melodies, ‘Shaking Your Mind’ sees the boys rival their pop punk counterparts State Champs and Between You and Me with a melancholy tone about second guesses. The band share:

We went up to our drummer’s family’s cottage to have a place to be away from the noise and focus in on creating a single we’re all proud of. We wrote the track in the start of January mid-snowstorm surrounded by Ontario’s beautiful Georgian Bay.

We wanted to make something that crossed our 90’s British rock type influences with our current modern punk rock influences that made us fall in love this type of music in the first place. We figured we had enough slow songs, so we figured why not write this one.'”

Tapping in with a hook-laden chorus that’s sure to be stuck in your head instantly, this song is Bearings‘ latest release since their incredibly diverse album, Hello, It’s You back in 2020. Their poppier sensibilities really helps in setting them apart from the rest of the crowd, and we kinda can’t wait to see what else they’ve been shaking up behind the scenes!

Words by Tamara May @citylightstam

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