PREMIERE: Diesect Tie Up ‘Loose Ends’ with Monsterous New Single & Snake Eater EP Announcement

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We first came across industrial metalcore act Diesect through a recommendation from my brother, and since then we’ve had our eyes and ears glued closely to the Gold Coast boys, anticipating what they’ll do next.

Following on from the release of breakthrough singles ‘Bury You’, ‘Bury Me’ and their Mirror Image EP last year, the lads have been popping up on shows across South East Queensland, making a name for themselves and their music in the process. Now they’re back with a scathing new song, forthcoming two-track EP and a belly full of fire ready to burn a hole in the scene!

Loose Ends‘ is the first track from the band’s Snake Eater EP which is set for release on March 11th. Sonically, it continues down the dark path the band have taken with plenty of chuggy riffs, screeching synth and screams that’ll send chills down your spine. Lyrically it focuses on the fall out of a friendship with someone you entrusted. It’s gritty, hard-hitting and packs a brutal punch to the jugular.

We grabbed frontman Damien Bigara to divulge a few more details about the song, forthcoming EP and the band’s motivation right now as they continue to take on the heavy music scene fists first…

Damien, it’s bloody great to hear from you guys again! You hit the ground running last year with ‘Bury You’, ‘Bury Me’ and the Mirror Image EP – how did you find the response on your end?

The response we received from our debut EP was absolutely incredible. To have people here in Australia and overseas showing so much support and reacting to our music videos online is just surreal and we couldn’t have hoped for a better response.

You guys just appeared out of nowhere and since then we’ve seen your name added to show after show and fast become hot property in the core community – What are you doing to stay on top of the early expectations set for you?

Our plan from the start was to invest in and push ourselves as much as we possibly can and to never slow down. We’ve stayed true to this since Mirror Image released and our plan from here is to double down on that and make everything we do bigger and better than the last.

You’re back again with new music, this time we’re stoked to be premiering your first new single ‘Loose Ends’ – What’s the story behind this one?

With this new release I feel like we’ve honed in on the more aggressive and angry sound that we had in our debut song “Bury You” and elevated that energy to a new level in these two tracks. While Mirror Image touched on the themes of internal and external perspectives and struggles, Snake Eater is a completely outward and direct assault on external issues and conflicts.

In terms of sound, you guys have been honing in on that industrial metalcore direction akin to that of fellow Aussies like Alpha Wolf and Starve – Is that an organic development or are you just trying new things and seeing where the music takes you?

From the beginning, the style of music we wrote came together very naturally and our main focus sonically would be to develop our sound further and make each release we do better, and more refined than the last.

Our approach to writing has always been about creating what we like to hear and listen to and experimenting with new ideas that we can get excited about.

Well on that, who would be your biggest influences musically/sonically?

This is a hard one because we all come from pretty different backgrounds, but we definitely have to pay our respects to bands like Sworn In and Gift Giver. They were the first bands I ever heard making this style of music and sound, and I think they definitely shaped a lot of the current metalcore we hear today.

No doubt about that! This song is part of the upcoming two-track Snake Eater EP – set for release on March 11th. What have you boys got lined up to celebrate the new drop?

We’re really excited to be releasing two new music videos to support these songs, as well as our first headline release shows that we will be playing on the Sunshine Coast, and in our hometown on the Gold Coast alongside some awesome bands joining us.

Diesect Snake Eater EP Launch Shows

Looking ahead, can we expect more new material throughout the year?

We don’t plan on slowing down anytime soon, so it’s safe to say it won’t be long until you can expect new material from us.

What’s your main focus at the moment as a band?

Right now we want to continuously push to take ourselves to a new level. Having people that have heard our music that can relate to our message on a deep level means so much to us, so to be able to keep doing that and reaching as many people as possible would be our main goal.

We would love to take our music across the country and eventually internationally, so the plan now is to consistently work towards that and never stop pushing. 

Any final thoughts?

We want to send our a massive thank you to everyone who has supported us in any way so far. To all the people who’ve listened, bought merch, come to shows and commented on our videos or have messaged us – we appreciate you more than we could ever say and you’re the reason we want to push ourselves even harder. Your support means the world to us and we can’t wait to show you more of what we have planned. Again, thank you so much.

Well you’re definitely on the right path lads, do not stop!

Interview by Paul ‘Browny’ Brown @brownypaul

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Loose Ends‘ is out tomorrow – watch the video below!

Snake Eater EP drops March 11th – Pre-save here

Diesect Snake Eater EP

Diesect – Snake Eater EP tracklisting

1. Snake Eater
2. Loose Ends

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