Introducing: Paleface, Swiss Deathcore Decimation

Paleface The Orphan Review

As you know, we love introducing new bands to our readers, or even bands that have been emerging for quite some time, and eventually get to a point where we are dying to share them with you. Now, we know some great heavy music has come out of Switzerland, just take a look at Breakdown of Sanity, personally one of my favourite metalcore bands, period.

Today I’d like to share Paleface with you, including a quick history lesson. The European deathcore outfit dropped three releases in three consecutive years; Chapter 1: From The Gallows (EP) in 2018, Chapter 2: Witch King (EP) in 2019, and Chapter 3: The Last Selection in 2020 (their debut album). Their second studio record Fear & Dagger is coming out very soon, March 25th to be precise.

Before today, Paleface had shared two singles from their forthcoming album, namely ‘Dead Man’s Diary‘ featuring French neighbours Landmvrks as well as ‘Deathtouch‘. Track twelve on the record might also get the attention of deathcore fans, particularly Aussie fans. I’m talking about ‘Hellhole‘, featuring Justice For The Damned – but, this one’s not out just yet – you’ll have to wait a bit longer.

However, what has come out today, is the Swiss metalers’ new track, called ‘The Orphan‘. Honestly, the best way to describe this single is that it’s basically deathcore Slipknot. Yes, it’s a huge call, but I’m happy to make it. With hardcore influences dirtying up their deathcore style (from hyped bands at the moment like SPITE and, Paleface bring it all together with a hellish orchestra. These guys are a group to keep a close eye on, and their upcoming record Fear & Dagger might surprise a lot of people with its ferocity.

Words by Ricky Aarons (@rickysaul90)

Stream Paleface – ‘The Orphan’ here and
Pre-order Fear & Dagger here

Paleface Fear and Dagger tracklisting

PalefaceFear & Dagger tracklisting

1. 666
2. Pain
3. Suppressing Times
4. Make A Deal With The Devil
5. Deathtouch
6. Nail To The Tooth
7. Dead Man’s Diary (feat. LANDMVRKS)
8. God Looks The Other Way
9. Chaos Theory (feat. Traitors)
10. The Orphan
11. My Grave / Lay With Me
12. Hellhole (feat. Justice For The Damned)
13. No Room Left In Hell
14. Bite The Curb
15. Fear & Dagger
16. Judgment Day

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