Start Your Hump Day with The Butterfly Effect’s New Single ‘Nil By Mouth’

Wake up gang, it’s time for new butters!

The Butterfly Effect made their way back into our lives in November with the release of ‘So Tired‘ and now they’ve followed it up with the guitar driven rock track ‘Nil By Mouth‘. Frotnman Clint Boge‘s alluring vocal performance is once again a huge stand out with the rest of the boys bashing away in the background to create a song that guides you along a short, yet fufiling journey with plenty of push-pit inducing moments and a couple of screams that are going to take this band to the stars on this comeback to the music scene they’ve embarked on.

On the new song, Clint revealed:

“Nil By Mouth represents the world’s obsession with fame at any cost. It’s also about the absolute craziness we see on TV all the time – humans behaving badly, the drama, murder, death, rape, torture – and that’s just on the 5 o’clock news! And that’s before we even get to social media – bullying, pornography, invasions of privacy, people at each other’s throats all the time – it’s just the tip of the iceberg. We are being constantly bombarded with the worst that human kind has to offer.”

As a longterm fan of TBE, it’s great to see them diversifying themselves with a new range and style of rock. It showcases what they’re capable of and that they’re not afraid to give new sounds a crack in the process.

But to be honest, I’m just pumped the boys are back rergardless…

Stream ‘Nil By Mouthhere

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