Brisbane Trio Trust Deliver Explosively Raw Punk/Hip-Hop Goodness

With COVID still causing chaos for our fav musicians, we’re seeing more new and experimental projects launching and while it’s hard to keep up, it’s refreshing and exciting to see these new musical avenues kickstarting with the above mentioned musicians putting their talent into new ventures… especially when they create bands like this!

Trust is a new band that’s part hardcore punk, part spoken word and tasty rap rock all rolled into a package ready to be consumed by the masses. Featuring a stellar lineup of notable music heroes including frontman Mo Yousif (GALLVS) + heavy music world guitarist Zach Britt (Dream On, Dreamer/Young Lions) and drummer Mikey Richards (Violent Soho), Trust‘s collection of music on their debut Mixtape sounds like a combination of Bloc Party meets Fever 333 with a dash of Bit Rock, plenty of distored guitars, thumping beats and yells-a-plenty that ebb and flow throughout a diverse range of tunes.

On how the new venture formed, Mikey exclusively told Wall of Sound:

“We’ve found ourselves all in a similar energetic creativity when dealing with the mental and spiritual challenges of covid. Certain coincidences of timing and shared creative vision lead us to begin collaborating on a type of punk music that hits with the heavy fist of hardcore, yet flows like hip hop. The idea is to do something that is new and challenging and is able to be fleshed out every time differently in a live setting similar to jazz music.

Trust is about transmuting dark energies that are around us by embracing that shadow or spectre of control that especially young people are sensitive to in this day and age. It’s about challenging yourself to find a new way forward and to remember that the success you have as an artists is just in doing what you love and loving those around you as well as yourself. It’s about knowing that you are ok.”

We love a bit of diversity and can’t wait to see how this band evolves. For those wondering, this new project will in no way impact the member’s other bands and will serve as a new creative space for the lads to try new things together.

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