Say Hello to Colletto Bianco: Joel Martorana (Endless Heights) New Solo Venture

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Seeing heavy/alt-rock musicians move into pop territory isn’t a new thing – we’ve seen Gwen Stefani leave No Doubt in favour of the pop life (and absolutely kill it in the process). Locally members of Thornhill, Void of Vision, Tapestry and The Beautiful Monument collectively became Cherry, John Floreani of Trophy Eyes showcased a new sound outside his core roots and even Matt Gravolin departed Hellions in favour of Agnes Manners… Now another Aussie alt-hero is heading down that new and daunting path.

Endless Heights frontman Joel Martorana has today launched his solo project Colletto Bianco via his debut single/short film for ‘Choke‘, a song which he explains is:

“A torturous dance between desire and fear. One’s overwhelming fear of self being hidden behind a veil of chaos, passion and lust.”

Poetic, intriguing and not too far removed from what we’ve known from Joel in the past, especially with his alluring performances with Endless Heights throughout the years. Now, he takes on the role of Coletto, a self-described “proud, chauvinistic and bold fool” who struggles to juggle a hidden second life from his family which all comes out in the open in the accompanyingg short film/music video.

The track was produced and recorded by Elliott Gallart, mastered by John Greenham (Billie Eilish, girlinred, Ashnikko, Death Grips) and has caputred our attention instantly. So much we can’t wait to see what comes next…

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