Inertia Join the Resist Records Family with Blistering New Track ‘Hivemind’

Sydney’s Inertia have just delivered what is the biggest milestone in their careers. To celebrate their initiation into the Resist Records family, the band have unveiled the follow-up to their incredible debut EP Connexion, with the announcement of Memoria, out Friday 18 March. ‘Hivemind’ is the stellar first single from it and marks a bangin’ gateway into a new era.

Featuring rippling melodies throughout, intertwined around a waver of stunning hard-hitting guitars, the band are setting themselves up as Australia’s most promising new metal act this year. The song is an immersive blend of alternative/rock and metal, with the band’s obvious pop influences seeping through alongside an even deeper meaning. Inspired by the emotions he felt over the past year and a half, vocalist Julian LaTouche reveals:

I was dealing with a bout of depression and anxiety dealing with the new world we were all thrown into and the world we all created. The lyrics that came out were a direct reflection of these thoughts and feelings, posing the question:

‘Through our habits and desires we’ve created an uncontrollable monster, a parasite if you will, that causes a lot of anguish and hate. And since we created it, do we have the strength to assume responsibility and eventually remedy what we have done?'”

The last few notes sent shivers down my spine on its first listen, which means it is definitely worth five minutes of your time. If you frothed ERRA’s last record and love Northlane, go a little more locally this time and tune into Inertia. Mark my words, the band will become your new favourite Aussie band in no time!

Words by Tamara May @citylightstam

Memoria is out March 18 through Resist Records. Pre-order here

Inertia – Memoria EP Tracklisting TBA

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