Dashboard Confessional Release New Single ‘Burning Heart’

Emo rockers Dashboard Confessional are gearing up to release their forthcoming album, All The Truth That I Can Tell on February 25. ‘Burning Heart’ is the second track being unveiled this week, and it follows on from Here’s To Moving On. It’s one of those tracks where you just need to appreciate this beauty of a song underneath the stars one evening and you’ll feel a renewed energy ignite from within.

Wrapped up quite lovely with tingling guitar sensations and heavy emotion, vocalist Chris Carraba sees this song as coming to terms with his feelings in a one-sided relationship. But as he discovers here, there’s always two sides to every story and ‘Burning Heart’ was the beginning of the band’s ninth studio album:

“This was the first one I wrote for the new album and it’s the one outlier of the bunch. That night, I wrote a song that I was so certain of. Not that it was just good, but that it was powerful in some way, too. The conceit of this song reflects the fact that I’m holding in a lot. I have a lot to say to the person I love in this moment. The idea in this setting is that I’m here to fight for this. I wanted a song that took a look at a hard conversation with a sense of although things aren’t right now, they may be able to be set right if it’s needed badly enough, wanted badly enough. In this setting, the conceit of the song is between two people in a relationship — well, you only hear one side. That’s the bigger part of the conceit: what if you only heard the one side of the conversation?”

Dashboard Confessional release All The Truth That I Can Tell on February 25. Pre-order here

Dashboard Confessional – All The Truth That I Can Tell tracklisting:

1. Burning Heart
2. Everyone Else Is Just Noise
3. Here’s To Moving On
4. The Better of Me
5. Southbound and Sinking
6. Sleep In
7. Me and Mine
8. Sunshine State
9. Pain Free in Three Chords
10. Young
11. All The Truth That I Can Tell

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