Joshua Travis (of Emmure) Drops Crunchy Single ‘Web of Lies’ With Andy Cizek + Stephen Taranto

Joshua Travis

If you’ve been following Wall of Sound for a while, you’ll know we love a spicy collab, and we also really like second or third degree connections between like-minded musicians in the scene. We were following Josh ‘Baby J’ Miller far before he even left Emmure for SPITE, as he got stuck into Darko (US) with Chelsea Grin‘s Tom Barber (just listen to Dragon Chaserand most recentlyAcid Injectif you’ve been sleeping on that one). This point is mentioned because current Emmure guitarist Joshua Travis is up to something really cool.

Though we’re getting excited for what 2022 is going to bring for associated bands like SPITE (who dropped Made To Pleaselate last year) and obviously Emmure and Darko, today the spotlight is on Travis and his brand new crunchy single ‘Web of Lies‘ with a few friends joining him.

Before going any further, it’s worth spending a moment sharing a bit more about Travis, and how well-respected he is in the heavy music scene. Over his career, and before his days with Emmure, he’s been a shredder in metalcore outfit Glass Cloud as well as mathcore band The Tony Danza Tapdance Extravaganza. Over the last few days when Travis has been teasing something, many fans thought it was related to one of these aforementioned acts.

The talented guitarist is going solo this time around, and just experimenting with his own tunes, albeit not completely alone. Joined by Andy Cizek (of Monuments, Makari, Wvnderband and Termina) and Stephen Taranto (of Sydney band The Helix Nebula), Travis has released solo single  ‘Web of Lies‘ via SharpTone Records.

Enough association and context? Let’s get stuck into the track. Imagine the riffs of modern day Emmure but with more of prog, and believe it or not, more synth. It’s like Travis has the same creative brain as his ex-peer Baby J in Darko, but with more of a tech/prog disposition and style. Cizek gets dark vocally and Taranto completely leans into the animalistic style. The single is truly eclectic, and a mixture of many genres – enjoy the ride, and don’t take it too seriously.

Enjoy the track at midnight local time.

Words by Ricky Aarons (@rickysaul90)

Stream Joshua Travis – ‘Web of Lies‘ feat. Andy Cizek & Stephen Taranto here

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