Northlane Gear Up For Obsidian With ‘Plenty’

Northlane - Plenty review

Getting pumped for Northlane‘s sixth studio record Obsidian? In case you missed it, the independent release is set for April 1, 2022, and while we impatiently wait for it, the lads have shared another single from the LP titled ‘Plenty‘. The song will join a few that we’ve heard so far, including ‘Clockwork‘ and ‘Echo Chamber‘ which blew us away with Northlane‘s production, diversity and unforgivable energy.

In the lead-up to Obsidian, they’ve also released their very own Patreon for all you Worldeatersto get some exclusive access and find out info about the band first. We also got to chat with guitarist Josh Smith about the upcoming record and what may be in store for keen fans.

On ‘Plenty‘ frontman Marcus Bridge says:

“Plenty is a song of pessimism and looks at the idea of reincarnation. As we watch the world deteriorate day by day, it becomes harder to see a way out and begs the question: ‘If I was to start again from the beginning, if I could have a fresh start, would I take that opportunity?’ At this stage, I’ve had plenty.”

The single could be the heaviest so far on Obsidian. The intro is chunky, with heavy protruding riffs and deviates from the EDM influences we’ve been hearing on some other singles. Bridge really channels his unclean vocal style in this one, with the rest of Northlane immersing into their prog-metal roots.

Loving what you’re hearing? Well, if you want to hear these new singles live, you’ll need to jump on Northlane‘s upcoming tour with special guests: Plini, Sleep Token and ALT, hitting all major cities.

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Words by Ricky Aarons (@rickysaul90)

Stream ‘Plentyhere
Pre-order Obsidian here

Northlane - Obsidian

Northlane – Obsidian tracklisting:

1. Clarity
2. Clockwork
3. Echo Chamber
4. Carbonized
5. Abomination
6. Plenty
7. Is this a Test?
8. Xen
9. Cypher
10. Nova
11. Inamorata
12. Obsidian
13. Dark Solitaire

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