ERRA Announce Deluxe LP With Three Covers + Single ‘Nigh to Silence’

ERRA - ERRA Deluxe trackling Photo by: Jonathan Weiner

ERRA are diving into 2022 nose-first, and they’ve got some unfinished business. With the success of their self-titled record last year (our review here and interview here) with hot singles like ‘Scorpion Hymn‘ and ‘Divisionary‘, the progressive metalcore musos are making this immense album even better with a Deluxe releasing, housing four new songs, as well as the inclusion of their reimagined version of Vanish Canvas‘ feat. Spiritbox‘s Courtney LaPlante from October 2021. The Deluxe is set for release on Friday March 18 via UNFD.

Three of the new tracks on the deluxe includes a trio of covers from some monumental bands, namely Muse‘s ‘Stockholm Syndrome‘ (timely after their release of ‘WON’T STAND DOWN‘), Audioslave‘s ‘Light My Way‘ and Nine Inch Nails‘ ‘Heresy‘. Finally, the deluxe drop has a fresh new non-cover single, titled ‘Nigh to Silence‘, as well as a couple of others that are yet to be released, including ‘Sol Absentia‘ and ‘Psalm of Sedition‘.

Here’s what guitarist/clean vocalist Jesse Cash said about ‘Nigh to Silence‘:

“During the end of 2020 and the start of 2021, we tried to take advantage of not being able to tour and having extra time at home. So while we were rolling out singles and announcing our self-titled record, we were also in the studio recording some new songs for a deluxe edition of the record. This was our favourite of the bunch.

“The song is set on an empty earth observed by the moon. I intended to express as much loneliness as I could. Then, I thought of ‘walking in the shadow of my own ghost,’ which felt like the loneliest visual I could muster. I wrote the first line about how the process of writing music feels and my deeply internal fear of being forgotten or irrelevant: ‘Floating song, I caught in a dream and passed it on. Frail and fragile is the ghost that I will carry and time will swallow.”

Nigh to Silence‘ sets in with a soft comforting ERRA intro, but as you know you’ve got to brace yourself. The djent-goodness kicks in fast and vocalist J.T. Cavey ruffles feathers with his polished uncleans. The lads burst into plastering breakdowns packed with crunchy riffs and pull off a Volumes-esque switcheroo back to the calm.

Words by Ricky Aarons (@rickysaul90)

Check out ERRA‘s Deluxe self titled LP here


ERRA – ERRA Deluxe tracklisting

1. Snowblood
2. Gungrave
3. Divisionary
4. House of Glass
5. Shadow Autonomous
6. Electric Twilight
7. Scorpion Hymn
8. Lunar Halo
9. Vanish Canvas
10. Eidolon
11. Remnant
12. Memory Fiction
13. Sol Absentia
14. Psalm of Sedition
15. Nigh to Silence
16. Vanish Canvas (feat. Courtney LaPlante from Spiritbox)
17. Stockholm Syndrome (Muse cover)
18. Light My Way (Audioslave cover)
19. Heresy (Nine Inch Nails cover)

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