Pridelands – Light Bends (Album Review)

Pridelands – Light Bends

Pridelands – Light Bends
Released: January 14th, 2022


Joshua Cory // Clean Vocals
Mason Bunt // Unclean Vocals
Liam Fowler // Guitar
Daniel Lohrey // Bass
Joe Lipsham // Drums



Resist Records’ newest addition, Melbourne 5-piece Pridelands have emerged from the chaos of COVID lockdowns ready to make their mark on the global heavy music scene. With an upcoming performance at this year’s edition of UNIFY Forever (postponed until March), we expect that the group have some tricks up their sleeves. Is debut album Lights Bends enough to allow this act to move away from the label of an upcoming band? Let’s evaluate.

Kicking off the album is ‘I Reach Into Your Heart’ with massive industrial-sounding instrumentals surrounding Joshua Cory‘s delicate voice. The tempo rises as unclean vocalist Mason Bunt makes his first impression on the album. The tempo is raised on ‘The Walls’ which features groove orientated riffs, allowing space for both vocalists to share the spotlight. Their two contrasting vocal styles blend well together and create an enjoyable listening experience.

‘Parallel Lines’ introduces a beefy bassline that’s aggressive in every sense of the word, making for what I can vividly imagine would be a strong performance. Pridelands have set themselves up to succeed on stage with this almighty track. Anthemic offering ‘Parted Time’ is rather unpredictable, the tempo differs extensively and includes chuggy guitars, as well as sing along secction. This well rounded song has something for every heavy music fan to enjoy and appreciate.

The pace is slowed down on ‘The Lake Of Twisted Limbs’ and ‘Safer Here’ as clean vocalist Cory is given the space to flourish. His vocals on this piece are flawlessly beautiful and make these tracks some of my top picks from the album. Light Bends‘ first single, ‘Heavy Tongue’ is the most ‘generic metalcore’ this band gets, and it’s still quite unique in various ways, such as the use of synths and the soudscapes that they create. Unclean vocalist Mason Bunt is given a chance to prosper in that track and he does so with ease. A stellar release from the boys in my opinion.

New single ‘Antipathy’ begins on a heavy note and remains the same tempo throughout, driven by impressive drumming techniques. Bunt again proves that he is no one trick pony as he shows off the aggressive behind his incredible range. Sing along ‘Translucent Blues’ is beautifully diverse, the blends between clean and unclean vocals sends shivers down my spine; an excellent listening experience that is undoubtedly flawless.

The album’s slowest and softest song, ‘Evergrowth’ is a ballad and includes soft, shallow singing right up until the outro where Bunt participates. Possibly a skipworthy song for most, especially when the next song is so vibrant. Album closer ‘The Sun Will Find Us’ incorporates styles styles seen throughout the entire album and bings them all together to finish the album off with a nice climactic ending.

This record is proof that Pridelands are well ahead of their years as musicians and songwriters. Whether you are an old fan, or new, there is something for everyone here.

Pridelands – Light Bends

Pridelands – Light Bends tracklisting:

  1. I Reach Into Your Heart
  2. The Walls
  3. Parallel Lines
  4. Parted Time
  5. The lake Of Twisted Limbs
  6. Safer Here
  7. Heavy Tongue
  8. Antipathy
  9. Translucent Blues
  10. Evergrowth
  11. The Sun Will Find Us

Rating 9/10
Light Bends is out this Friday via Resist Records. Pre-Order here.
Review by Adam Rice

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