Thrash Legends Vio-lence Return with New Single ‘Flesh from Bone’ & Upcoming EP

It looks like the thrash renaissance will continue in 2022, with Bay Area thrashers Vio-lence releasing a new EP this year, Let the World Burn, their first new music in 29 years.

Vio-lence are one the seminal Bay Area bands, formed in 1985 after witnessing the rise of Metallica up close, they split in 1993 with guitarist Robb Flynn moving on to form a band you may have heard called Machine Head. After the odd get together, singer Sean Killian and guitarist Phil Demmel (ex-Machine Head) returned to the group as a full time gig in 2019. Along for the ride are Bobby Gustafson (guitar, ex-Overkill), Christian Olde-Woblers (bass, ex-Fear Factory) and original member Perry Strickland (drums). 

The first tease of the new EP is the lyric video for ‘Flesh from Bone’, a classic thrash song that typifies the Vio-lence sound. Killian’s shouty vocals keep it raw, while the guitars sound sharp thanks to modern production from Juan Urteaga and mix from death metal legend Tue Madsen. It’s fast, it’s angry and there is no time for wasting riffs. 

Regarding the process for the EP, Demmel was excited by the chance to play fast again:

“I hadn’t written a lot of thrash in the past 17 years or so but being the main songwriter for the band over the years I wanted that sound, I wanted that mid-80s raw thing, but I also wanted to capture our signature notes and structures and stuff like that.”

He further explains that his solos came in for particular attention: 

“I wanted to play all the solos single pass, which is something that I hadn’t done for a while, everything had been kinda punched in and chopped up, so it’s not all fluid, and these ones might not be first pass but they’re one pass. I want to be able to play them the way they’re supposed to be played, and I’m really proud of them.”

Whilst ‘Flesh from Bone’ is a great way to reintroduce Vio-lence to the world, it sounds like the EP itself will be varied but still firmly rooted in what the band do best – play really fast. Elaborates vocalist Sean Killian

“Each song has its own individual sound, they are all very thrash metal, there are grinding riffs, technical riffs, and plenty of speed. The lyrics are written freely with no restrictions and without compromise while the vocal patterns are typically unusual and delivered with a multitude of emotions.”

Check out the video below and get ready for the release of Let the World Burn on March 4, 2022. Hit me up on socials and let me know what you think! 

Written by – KJ Draven (Twitter). Instagram: @kjdraven 

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Vio-Lence – Let the World Burn tracklisting

1. Flesh From Bone
2. Screaming Always
3. Upon Their Cross
4. Gato Negro
5. Let the World Burn