Unveil New Record with Nasty Single ‘The Killer Womb’ (formally known as Vein) have rung in the new year with ‘The Killing Womb‘, which will feature on their just announced upcoming record The World Is Going To Ruin You. The album will be a follow-up to studio album Errorzone, and more recently their 2020 remix record Old Data in a New Machine, Vol. 1, released the same time the band announced their slight name change (which they’ve now formalised on Facebook).

The new album will be released on 4 March, 2022 via Closed Casket Activities in the US, Nuclear Blast worldwide and Human Warfare in Australia.

On the new record, vocalist Anthony DiDio explains:

“It’s not a contrived nostalgia trip. We’re just naturally taking that part of the band to a fuller potential. Errorzone was entering another world, while this record is coming home.”

“I was coming from a very anti-social mentality, I want people to completely disconnect and have their own personal journey through this album.”

The hardcore punks from Boston have laid down a nasty track with ‘The Killer Womb’ as a taste of what’s to come on their upcoming LP. It’s chaotic and it goes all kinds of grindcore mental, and delivers shattering breakdowns that will burst your veins blood vessels. are back with a vengeance and judging by the new single, the new album will pack a punch.

Words by Ricky Aarons (@rickysaul90)

Stream – ‘The Killer Womb’ here

Pre-order The World Is Going To Ruin You here – The World Is Going To Ruin You tracklisting

1. Welcome Home
2. The Killing Womb
3. Versus Wyoming
4. Fear In Non Fiction
5. Lights Out
6. Wherever You Are
7. Magazine Beach
8. Inside Design
9. Hellnight
10. Orgy in the Morgue
11. Wavery Lyrics
12. Funeral Sound Lyrics


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