Ian Kenny – Karnivool ‘For The Fans’ (Audio Interview)

Merry Christmas everyone, we managed to call up Karnivool’s Ian Kenny for a chat! If you missed The Decade of Sound Awake Livestream event earlier this year (our review here), don’t stress because you can now own your own Blu-ray copy. And if you need more Karnivool in your life, make sure you go listen to their new track All It Takes‘. And if you still need more? Well, this interview is for you then.

There’s something special about immortalising a performance, especially one that has changed lives for over a decade. When asking how it felt to have a performance like that as a physical copy you can relive over and over again, Kenny said:

“Yeah, it feels really good. Like within the camp of Karnivool, I mean, that that the whole thing, trying to support what Sound Awake means to fans. For the band, we had our intention to take that whole thing out on tour, and it just fell over like, God, I think we tried three times to try and make that tour work. So the next best thing was to sort of capture the performance of the record, live at the Heath Ledger theatre and it just turned out. It was such a sweet reminder, I think for the band, how fun it is to play that record. It’s pretty demanding in it’s own right. But it was fun. It was cool.”

And for those of you who, with the taste of Karnivool’s new track, want more music from the band, well! Does Kenny have news for you.

“I think we’ve got the shell of a record sitting there. We’ve got a number of pieces that are sort of in their own stages of completion, we’ve got ‘All It Takes’ and maybe two others that are sitting there ready to go.”

You want to know more about how Kenny watched the livestream for the first time, and what plans the band have for 2022? Listen below.

Interview by Ebony Story

Buy Karnivool‘s Decade of Sound Awake Blu-Ray here

Karnivool – Decade of Sound Awake setlist

Simple Boy
New Day
Set Fire To The Hive
All I Know
The Medicine Wears Off
The Caudal Lure
Illumine Deadman
All It Takes

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