Educate Ebony Season 2 Announcement

It’s the festive season and we have one more little present for you: the Educate Ebony podcast will be back for a second season in 2022! Wall of Sound is proud to announce that season 2 will be The Prog Edition, so you all better strap in for another semester of education.

Season 1, The Metal Edition, featured some very impressive guests such as Nikki Brumen (Blood Command), Max Cavalera, Janine Morcos (Dallas Does PR), Matthew K. Heafy (Trivium), Daniel Furnari (Polaris), Andy Marsh (Thy Art Is Murder), and SKYND, and saw Ebony Story listen to 26 incredible albums over 23 episodes.

Of season 1, Ebony says:

“The whole point of this podcast is about educating me on albums I really should’ve heard by now, and boy did I do some learning in season 1! I know metal is a pretty vast genre, but the amount of variety in sub-genres and hearing my guests’ take on ‘the one metal album I should’ve heard by now’ was super interesting. What was even cooler was that no guest doubled up on an album. I don’t know how that worked out, but it did!”

As we head into the early stages of season two, Ebony reflects on her love of prog, but explains there’s always more than meets the eye with that genre:

“I’m a huge prog fan, but that doesn’t mean I’ve listened to everything out there by every prog artist. So I’m really excited to find out what albums I’ll be listening to, and the listening notes for each album.”

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