Henry Cox – Boston Manor ‘Moody Night Drives’

When Boston Manor surprise dropped their EP DESPERATE TIMES DESPERATE PLEASURES, oh man, who wasn’t excited! Am I right? It comes about a year and a half after their album GLUE (our review here) and is moody and moshy and just a great present as we emerge into the world on what is hopefully the other side of COVID-19.

Now, it took me a little while to call up frontman Henry Cox because of their American tour schedule, but we managed to squeeze in some time in between shows for a quick catch up!

I had to ask about the quick EP drop and whether they just didn’t want a big lead up, to which Henry said:

“We never get to be the cool band and just drop something out of nowhere. It just felt like the right thing to do, you know, as an EP with five songs, and there was no expectation for us to be putting out music so soon. So we just kind of thought it was cooler, just to kind of just kind of drop it in and put it out there, you know, and I love doing it. And I feel like the whole nature of this project has been very sort of bite sized and compact and tidy. And it’s fueled a lot more creativity, at least from my part.”

In my review of the release, I said that this is an EP you need to listen to at night with a glass of red or spirits in hand, so I asked how Henry would tell fans to listen to it:

“I think you hit the nail on the head! We had these these visual cues that we all kept in our heads when we were recording, and it was night and night drive was the main thing. It’s like London or Birmingham or somewhere a little bit kind of built up but also a little bit crap. And you just kind of drive and the roads suck and you got this drifting around through through your head while you’re cruising. Cruising record, I think, yeah.”

For more about DESPERATE TIMES DESPERATE PLEASURES, Henry’s synesthesia, and even about how GLUE was their least cohesive record on purpose, listen below or via your chosen podcast app.

Interview by Ebony Story


Boston Manor – Desperate Times Desperate Pleasures EP tracklisting:

1. Carbon Mono
2. Algorithm
3. Desperate Pleasures
4. I Don’t Like People (& They Don’t Like Me)
5. Let The Right One In

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