Diamond Construct Drop Nu Metalcore Anthem ‘Hit It Back’ with Must-See Video

Diamond Construct - Hit It Back Review

Sydney metalcore come nu-metal band Diamond Construct are catching up on lost time with a bunch of touring at the moment, including joining Alpha Wolf, Knight & Day Festival as well as their very own ‘Hit It Back‘ tour. Well, the band have now released the ‘Hit It Back’ single, which may just be the highlight of their upcoming shows. 

The track comes on the back of the band’s 2020 EP DCX2 (our review here) and is the beginning of their next campaign. ‘Hit It Back’ is one of those tracks that you’ll need to couple with the music video, and get into the mood; perhaps a bit of Eskimo Callboy‘s ‘We Got The Moves‘ could get you in the groove, or even Ocean Grove‘s recent banger ‘Cali Sun‘. Now you’re ready to ‘Hit It Back’ with Greyscale‘s Diamond Construct.

The single feeds into the nu-metalcore bounce that seems to be taking off. Noughties gangster vibes are back with the fusion of metalcore breakdowns and contemporary styling (or retro styling if you’ve seen the video). ‘Hit It Back’ will have you moving your body with the beat, and immersing yourself into Diamond Construct‘s alternate universe. 

On the new sound, vocalist Kynan Groundwater explains: 

“So many people want to fit the mould and not step outside the boundaries of how people think they should be look and sound if they’re in a metal band, so we felt like showing a lighter side to us.”

Words by Ricky Aarons (@rickysaul90)

Stream Diamond Construct – ‘Hit It Back’ here

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