Patty Goodman – Mirrors ‘Exploring Diversive Uncharted Territory’

Gippsland metalcore heroes Mirrors have been jettisoning from strength to strength since their inception, which makes it no surprise that leading Australian heavy music label Resist Records invited them to join their already huge roster which consists of heavyweight groups such as Parkway Drive and Polaris.

Upon the announcement of their upcoming album The Ego’s Weight I felt as if I must grab frontman Patty Goodman to discuss the path that has lead to the album’s release and what we might be anticipating from the lads post-COVID times…

Hi Patthanks for taking the time to chat. How did you find the recording process, particularly in COVID times?

Everyone was rough tracking at home. We went back forth until we had the chance to spend time at Scottie’s and just roll with the lockdown punches.

Would you say The Ego’s Weight is a continuation from Cold Sanctuary or is this a completely new chapter for the band?

In a lot of ways, I would say a completely new chapter. Cold Sanctuary laid some ground work for sure, but there were a bunch of songs after Cold Sanctuary that were written and discarded until we found the sound we wanted. We definitely departed from some generic templates as we progressed as musicians.

Upon announcement of the album, I was immediately drawn to the art used for the album cover, it is my understanding that you used Pat Fox for this. What drew you to him? And do you feel as if he captured the albums emotion and meaning well?

Pat Fox is the fucking man and the work he creates is incredible. We’ve worked with Pat previously and all agreed he was the man to collaborate with again. He drew inspiration from the lyrics that deal with love, loss, betrayal and doubt and captured that cold feeling of isolation and the feeling that nothing else is present except for the force hunting you down.

You are now signed with both Resist Records and Destroy All Lines, how would you reflect on the journey of working with them two teams?

It’s safe to say we’re in great hands. We’ve been working with Ash for a couple of years now and are really happy with the relationship we have. We felt signing and releasing The Egos Weight through Resist would be a great step forward for the band and it felt right.

Having only been a band for four or so short years, is it wild to consider just how far you have come? Considering you are supporting Polaris on their upcoming tour, which is anticipated to be the biggest heavy tour in the country at the moment.

For sure! We love what we do and definitely don’t take these opportunitys for granted, but know they’re a result of the hard work we’ve put in.

Going back to your last release Cold Sanctuary, I love how you included the track ‘Damian’ to commemorate the life of a dear friend, along with an incredibly powerful music video. How did the process of bringing that track to life help you with your grieving process?

I think getting around each other and channelling that grief into something to honour Damien’s memory was the best thing we could have done and we are all extremely proud or ourselves for doing that. RIP.

If anything at all, what would you tell fans before they listen to the new album?

I would say it’s the most diverse collection of songs we’ve written. It has our heaviest and softest songs along with some tracks that are really exploring some uncharted territory for us.

Keen for what’s to come man, bring it on!

Interview by Adam Rice

The Ego’s Weight is out via Resist Records on November 19.
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Mirrors – The Ego’s Weight tracklisting:

1. Hypnagogia
2. Beneath The Sand
3. Leave Them Behind
4. Automata
5. Purple Static
6. What We’ll Never See
7. Rebirth
8. Hereditary
9. The Last Page
10. For You
11. Moral Decay

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