Prepare for a New Bad Omens Record with ‘The Death of Peace Of Mind’

Bad Omens interview 2022

With the launchpad of tracks like ‘Dethrone’ and ‘Limits’, metalcore band Bad Omens have been turning heads, reigning from from Richmond, Virginia. Aside from their LIVE album from earlier this year, the band have just dropped two LPs to date, namely their self-titled 2017 opening record and Finding God Before God Finds Me in 2019.

The band are turning up on various different streaming playlists and radio channels and have sparked quite a following, with over 100k on Facebook alone. Today the band have released brand new track ‘The Death of Peace Of Mind’ which happens to be the title track of their just announced upcoming album, coming out February 25th, 2022 via Sumerian Records. The title track is equally grimy and theatrical. It’s got melodic elements that’ll entice you for what’s next, as well as the heavy elements that the band are known for, just wait until that closing breakdown.

Words by Ricky Aarons (@rickysaul90)

Stream ‘The Death of Peace Of Mind’ here
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Bad Omens - The Death of Peace Of Mind

Bad Omens – The Death of Peace Of Mind tracklisting:

2. Nowhere To Go
3. Take Me First
5. What It Cost Like A Villain
6. bad decisions
7. Just Pretend
8. The Grey
9. Who are you?
10. Somebody else.
11. IDWT$
12. What do you want from me?
14. Miracle

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