You Need To Watch Black Label Society’s Latest Offering ‘End Of Days’

Black Label Society are off their fucking heads. Think I’m bullshitting? Go ahead and watch their new slew of music videos, including latest offering ‘End Of Daysfrom upcoming album Doom Crew Inc. Go on. Have a look and tell me I’m wrong. 

It starts off as a furry’s wet dream with frontman Zakk Wylde and bassist JD DeServio dressing up as a bear and a koala respectfully. They hit the highway to sling fast food restaurant signs about, before going on to beat the absolute fuck out of each other. It’s great.

So is the song incidentally. It’s a smoother, slower venture than the usual heavy fare that BLS usually puts on offer. But it’s still great and like every single song they’ve ever produced, the guitars don’t go missing.

But the video. Fucking hell. I may have giggled a bit whilst calling the boys ‘dickheads’. Plus you gotta throw some sort of acting award at guitarist Dario Lorina and drummer Jeff Fabb for their honest and heartwarming portrayals of trash-bag auto-tuned hip-hop gronks with backyard face tattoos, cash guns and a wardrobe pieced together that says “so what if I spent a fortune to look this dogshit muthafuckahhhh”. 

Every bastard fight, axes are used, heads get slammed under the weight of skip bin lids.

Then Blinky Bill lands a sneaky boot into Yogi Bear’s low hanging balls.

Just like in real life.

Words by Duane James @duanejames666

Doom Crew Inc. is out November 26 via Spinefarm

Black Label Society – Doom Crew Inc. tracklisting:

1. Set You Free
2. Destroy & Conquer
3. You Made Me Want to Live
4. Forever and a Day
5. End of Days
6. Ruins
7. Forsaken
8. Love Reign Down
9. Gospel of Lies
10. Shelter Me
11.Gather all my Sins
12. Farewell Ballad

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