Wolf & Chain – Amor Mortal (EP Review)

Wolf & Chain – Amor Mortal
Released: October 29, 2021


Jack Cumes // Vocals
Joe Butcher // Guitars
Luke O’Dwyer // Guitar

Harry Charles-Britton // Bass
Sam Gutwein // Drums & Keys



Ever since AFI released their All Hallow’s EP, I have been a sucker for EP’s and LP’s released around the spooky season. It’s even better when it comes from an Aussie band, and the boys from Wolf & Chain, who call Adelaide home, have done a marvellous job keeping me on my toes with this release. 

‘An Introduction’ is the opening song, and it really introduces what we’re to expect from the EP. Jack Cumes has such a hauntingly beautiful voice, and the best part about the opener is it’s just him and an acoustic guitar. Next up is ‘Hex’, and I remember when I reviewed An Honest Mistake last year I said that Wolf & Chain remind me of My Chemical Romance. ‘Hex’ is another example of this and I’m instantly taken back to the early 2000s and my emo phase (let’s be honest, I’m still in and that I will never be mad about!). Pop punk really reached its peak in the early 2000s in my opinion, and this track really feels like a throwback to that.

An Unfortunate Tale of Two Lovers and an Insatiable Taste for Poison’ is track three, and is probably my favourite track on the record. That’s not just because of the long title (see what I mean about early 2000s?). If you put Fall Out Boy, My Chemical Romance and Pierce The Veil into a blender, this song is what would come out. There’s a great balance of light and shade throughout, with a pretty acoustic part about halfway through where Cumes speaks his vocals. 

The guitars are probably my favourite part about ‘Far From Home’ because Joe Butcher is very talented. He manages to balance some squealing, screechy guitar parts throughout the verses, with clean, undistorted, almost clinical parts in other places. ‘Still Alive’ is second to last and is my favourite track on the EP, both musically and lyrically. There is a fantastic cohesion between the whole band with the instrumentals, and Cumes does three different vocal styles with clean, spoken and distorted vocals throughout and it’s just really enjoyable.

Finally, and sadly in my opinion, is ‘Taste Of Blood’. I say sadly because it’s the final track. Six songs (five if you don’t include the intro) isn’t enough, but I guess that’s the pitfalls of an EP. It’s a great closing track and feels really cinematic in a way and sums up the whole EP in a really neat and tidy, 3 minute 32 second package. 

Wolf & Chain are probably one of the greatest, underrated bands I’ve ever listened to and I can’t understand why more people don’t enjoy them. The EP is a throwback in terms of the vibe and it feels like the early 2000’s, but it has a nice current feel to it as well which helps to keep it fresh.

Wolf & Chain – Amor Mortal EP tracklisting:

1. An Introduction
2. Hex
3. An Unfortunate Tale of Two Lovers and an Insatiable Taste for Poison
4. Far From Home
5. Still Alive
6. Taste Of Blood

Rating: 8/10
Amor Mortal is out now and can be purchased here.
Review by Kelsey Trevan. @Kelsey_139

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