LGND’s Chad Ruhlig Reveals New Track ‘Pagan Prayer’ With Producer Josh Schroeder


Rise Records project LGND have made a return this year and have been dropping a bunch of awesome songs, and if they’ve slipped past you, it’s time to jump on aboard. missing out. To play a bit of catch-up, LGND is the project of Chad Ruhlig of For The Fallen Dreams and has released songs recently with different guests. Take ‘Psychedelic Nightmare’ for example which was put together with Ruhlig and ex-The Acacia Strain guitarist / Bad Wolves vocalist Daniel ‘DL’ Laskiewicz. In the recent past, LGND have also released songs like ‘Berserker’ and ‘Spite Me‘. 

It’s exciting to hear so much new music from LGND, particularly as new music arrives on the same day as Ruhlig’s peer DL, as today coincides with the big release day of DL’s first album as vocalist with Bad Wolves (titled Dear Monsters). We’ve been awaiting new music from For The Fallen Dreams for a little while too, and we have a feeling they’ll be making a return soon-ish, not to mention how much they’ve been coming up recently, like with with DL himself (interview here) and even with Brisbane band Wildheart recently (interview here) on Educate Ebony‘s podcast here.

These other wonderful bands aside, it’s time to focus in on ‘Pagan Prayer’ which features producer Josh Schroeder. Here’s what Ruhlig had to say about the track:

“As always, it was great to work with my friend of over two decades — Josh Schroeder — on ‘Pagan Prayer. Not only is he one of the top producers in heavy music, but he also has such a unique writing style that’s always been a blast to write to.”

With an immense instrumental onset, Ruhlig bursts into action with his immediately recognisable vocal effort behind a low-tuned track. Ruhlig’s voice sounds so good behind LGND because it’s so different in instrumentally and in terms of composition to FTFD. There’s even contemporary elements in there like what we’re hearing on some post-core bands like Darko and ten56. Keen to know whether an album release is looming, we’ll keep you posted.  

Words by Ricky Aarons (@rickysaul90)  

Stream ‘Pagan Prayer’ here


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