Fit For An Autopsy Drop The Exceptional ‘Pandora’ Ahead of Looming LP

Fit For An Autopsy - Will Putney Interview

We’re still fanning our faces with delight on the back of the news that Fit For An Autopsy are releasing their sixth studio album on January 14th. To play a bit of new music catch-up, 2022 is starting with absolute carnage as the band’s release date is shared with Shadow of Intent, Enterprise Earth and Underoath amongst others.

Fit For An Autopsy blew our minds with ‘Far From Heavenwith their Oh What the Future Holds album announcement, and now they’ve dropped second single ‘Pandora‘ which picks things up a notch from their prior single. Producer/Composer/Guitarist Will Putney has done some of his finest work on Oh What The Future Holds‘ sophomore track.

Here’s what the band had to say on ‘Pandora’:

“This is one of our favourite new songs, as it touches on a lot of our influences all at once and represents a collective of our musical tastes. Lyrically, it describes the inevitable path to environmental destruction via the mechanisms we’ve permitted to control society. It’s not an unfamiliar topic for FFAA, but an important one nonetheless and one we will continue to write about.”

It slams into action with a deathly scream and a demanding drum rhythm. Bursting into a rapid verse, the entire band play like a warmed-up engine-room where vocalist Joe Badolato features different ends of his demonic vocal range. “Open Pandora” – the line you hear to an all-encompassing bolstering breakdown, followed by a soothing guitar medley and one last breakdown that’ll draw in all of your attention. The entire track is built on absolute hope, absolute hell perfection and will have blasting it on repeat.

Words by Ricky Aarons (@rickysaul90)

Stream ‘Pandora here.

Pre-order Oh What The Future Holds here.

FIT FOR AN AUTOPSY | Oh what the future holds ORANGE VINYL - Nuclear Blast

Fit For An Autopsy – Oh What The Future Holds tracklist

1. Oh What The Future Holds
2. Pandora
3. Far From Heaven
4. In Shadows
5. Two Towers
6. A Higher Level Of Hate
7. Collateral Damage
8. Savages
9. Conditional Healing
10. The Man That I Was Not

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